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Is this true? (Regarding the judge, C-Ship, and Domination)

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I translated the caption from Portuguese to English:

Meet Brenda Penny, the judge who's ahead of the Britney Spears case. It was she who allowed in the last days that Britney could return to drive, who ordered that there be an investigation of everyone involved in the conservatorship, and will decide in September of that year if Jamie remains the conservative of Britney, if the tutor will be Replaced (Lynne Spears, Britney's mother, would be the most suitable if this is the case), or that Britney will finally be a free woman.

Brenda Penny is known for being a militant of the black and feminist causes. Weeks ago Brenda wanted to talk to Britney in person before the hearing, alone in a closed room, because she was worried and wanted to make sure that Britney was okay.



I translated the caption from Portuguese to English:
The price for not fulfilling the combined came out expensive for Jamie Spears: (Part 1)

After many years where the conservatorship of Britney Spears was extending, she got tired and said one suffices.

The choice of making a concert residency in Las Vegas had a bias beyond the financial and comfortable routine of shows. Britney Spears had to have a balanced routine and exercise her duties as a mother to be free of the conservatorship.

The contract with Planet Hollywood Besides being visionary fell like a glove to every need of Britney at that time. Even though she had great success with the albums Circus and Femme Fatale, and even her millionaire participation in the jury of X-Factor USA, was the residency of shows in Las Vegas that brought back his credibility as a balanced woman For the media, general public and the California court. 
The future seemed obvious; Britney Spears Sairía of the conservatorship after the end of the show Piece of Me. That's what your faithful public believed in, that's what Britney also believed in and talked to her father Jamie Spears. They had a deal about it, and it wasn't fulfilled. 

She knew that taking a break and getting on a tour would be the most interesting for her career, but planned a new show in Las Vegas to celebrate all the advances that her first residency of shows brought her, more than that, thank Las Vegas for giving her again the  Freedom. Domination was the name of the show, and talked about a woman in the realm of everything, was Britney Spears who chose the name, and she opined in all the creative areas of the spectacle. 

When Jamie said he would no longer give up the conservatorship and that it would extend for a few more years until they felt that she was really prepared to take care of herself, all that motivated Britney to choose to make this show no longer made any sense to her , not even the name of the spectacle, which changed its connotation, since it felt again dominated. After hearing so many times that the conservatorship would be extended, this time it was not convenient and said one suffices!


I translated the caption from Portuguese to English:
(Part 2) It was at this point that she was really shaken, and refused to take her meds. She felt manipulated and saw that if she ever knew her father's wills the conservatorship would never end. She hit her foot and said she wasn't going to do the show anymore, told her father to turn on the paperwork, cancel the rehearsals, the contract, because she wouldn't work with the conservatorship in effect.  "Ready, Britney refused to take the meds and had a rebelling attitude involving millions of dollars lost with the MGM Park contract being canceled, a high fine and with an explanation that should be given to the public, and had to be convincing the Enough not to cause so much damage to the Spears family's reputation.  "-that was the fuse for Jamie, who claimed that Britney was out of her mind and needed to be admitted.

Jamie was confident that Britney would give up the pressure after admission, would go back to taking the meds and present the show Domination at another time, then held the ends with the MGM Park so there was only a postponement of the show until her daughter felt better. But his plan didn't work out.

The information that Britney was admitted against her own will and that Jamie's disease was just a buffer of the real problem leaked and the internet was madness. 

Britney Spears continued steadfast in her decision not to perform with the Domination show in Vegas for not feeling in the dominion of her own life, for not having a great personal achievement to celebrate there, and the show really had to be canceled. Instead of giving up her father's wishes, she went after challenging his power over her for legal means, and earned her mother's support early in the process.

Now Jamie Spears has lost her sleep nights in fear of Britney if she sees herself free from the conservatorship, and has done everything she can to the outcome of the audience in September favoring him. He's visibly desperate, because he feels he's losing control of the situation. 

Source: Spin Sparkle News


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3 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

That's Portuguese but yeah, well, if you followed the big thread most of the info comes from there, but here it is just put together, in a maybe, a little bit too favorable way, but let's hope it's true

Thanks I corrected it. :)

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On 5/29/2019 at 1:53 AM, OrganisedChaos said:

I missed a lot of this in the main thread so T4P. I feel like this was also well-translated :)


On 5/29/2019 at 7:40 AM, femmefataledoll said:

thanks for posting :)

No problem! I missed it myself as well.  The large thread is a mess with too many pages, so it's impossible to actually keep track of anything in there.

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