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New IG post! Brit admits she is the one posting on her IG

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14 minutes ago, Dreamer26 said:

She is playing her role. It's not that complicated. She doesn't have a choice. She is doing what her team wants her to do. I believe that  they're threatening her with her children's. 

I agree with this. On one side, she is trying to break free from c-ship. But on the other side, she wants to maintain a strong public figure. Being portrayed as a weakling victim who gets permission from everyone around her doesn't work with her narrative. jesus, it doesn't work with anyone narrative, so to the public eye, she gotta appear in "control", otherwise, who would take her seriously? That doesn't mean that behind the scenes she's not fighting to get out of the c-ship, but until then, she's got an image to maintain.


The fact that most fans here are so dramatic about this tells me that y'all watch too many telenovelas. I expected more understanding from a fanbase with an average age of 30.

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5 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

right. You dont think that the fact that Britney was in a mental facility and the fans are drumming up so much hype and she is in the news again because of it has caused the paparazzi to follow her again?? If this was all her team why are we mostly getting blurry car shots and not actual pictures like these??

  Reveal hidden contents



The paparazzi never magically find these  celebs.  The celeb or someone on the team calls the paps to let them know where they will be at.

Her teams dirt is getting exposed which is why they been doing all this sloppy *** damage control lately.


Her team is the one that needs to respect her privacy and stop throwing her under the bus to save themselves while having the nerve to be living off her money she brings in.

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I think in all of this, even if there are bad things happening to her, I don't think she wants to be made out to be incompetent. 10 years ago she said that she never wants people to see her as a victim because she sees the positive in things so yeah, obviously, if she posts the videos to her account then she wants to clear that up. From her perspective, she probably sees it as people thinking that she's also incapable of posting her own stuff and that's not a good thing for people to think about her. 

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Her latest instragram and everything prior just adds fuel to the fire. Her fans are being labeled as crazy because of the freeBritney movement and everything that has been spoken about is being labeled as only a “theory.” 

I love Britney, but clearly we should just stop. She doesn’t want to talk about anything or be up front with anyone like before. All we want is for her to be happy. I get it’s none of our business, but that is the price of being a celebrity. 

Other celebrities have **** go on and they speak out, but not Britney. She has shown zero support to everyone in the Britney army and those who stood outside for her at the court house. 

The promotion for Donination prior was also very sketchy and not right. 

Something is not right. She has been described as someone who is very shy. That’s bullshit. This video says otherwise. 

As much as I miss that Britney, it’s clear she is no longer that. 

Its also clear she does not want our help either. So I guess we should just let her be. Maybe she doesn’t mind living in a conservatorship. 

Remember those times when Britney told the paparazzi guy has to be “quick to keep up with her?” 

How about when she told the guy from Stages in Mexico “that’s known of your business” when he asked her how much her mansion was worth?

And how about that time when she spoke about Justin, the breakup or when she leaked Mona Lisa on her own? 

What about the time she mocked the media and said yes to ODing on the late night show even though she didn’t?

The truth is, I don’t know who that girl is doing those runway shows right now. But that’s not the Britney we know above.

We’ve been fighting since her breakdown and she won’t throw us clues to help her, so what’s the point?


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one way we could take this is focusing more on facts about the people who rum the conservatorship. we've been pretty consistently saying we don't want to invade her privacy, that what we care about is the extent those legal restraints have taken. so let's talk about THOSE people. there's so much to talk about.

and maybe we should ask ourselves "how" instead of "why" - how these legal procedures were conduceted? how they are connected to the financial aspects? because money is always the bottom line, and that's where the dirt always lies.

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1 hour ago, Britneyarmy8 said:


what happens if they were britney and jamielynn and loved to **** on themselves for fun :nyheadache:

Ugh, so glad those things are gone. I can't stand people who just troll and say mean things for the sake of it. Same with that RealLarryRudolph guy. The world has enough negativity, if you get your jollies from coming on here and insulting others, you have a super sad life. 

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I mean, some people are acting crazy, yes; but I feel like we can’t pretend nothing is happening anymore.

They can’t just expect us to blindly consume her product anymore.

And we’re her fans! We accepted her and supported her for 20 years and we get BS from her?

Like girl, be nice to us, we’re trying to help.

And of course now we get a picture of a swan... just what we all need.

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