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Justin Long Recalls His Onscreen Kiss with Britney Spears: She Thought Her Legs Were 'Prickly'


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By Alexia Fernandez
Justin Long’s first onscreen kiss with one of the biggest pop stars in the world wasn’t as nerve-wracking as it might have appeared.

The Giri/Haji actor, 40, opened up about kissing Britney Spears in their 2002 film Crossroads during PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing.

“I gotta say she was so sweet and down to earth. It was really disarming,” Long said as he looked back at the film.

“At one point our legs were intertwined and she goes, ‘I’m so sorry if my legs… I haven’t shaved in a few days, my legs might be a little prickly.’ And I go, ‘I’m sure they’re fine,’” he continued.

Despite his reassurances to Spears, she wasn’t having it.

“She goes, ‘No, no, they’re totally not, they’re really prickly.’ And she goes, ‘Feel,’ and she put my hand on her thigh and it was like baby’s ***,” he said, laughing. “It was like silk. I swear, it was the smoothest thing I’d ever felt, it was like a dolphin.”

Spears, 37, starred in the film alongside Zoë Saldana, Taryn Manning and Kim Cattrall.

The film, written by Shonda Rhimes, centers on three teenage girls as they take a cross-country road trip and find themselves and their friendship in the process.

Spears played Lucy Wagner, who planned to lose her virginity to Henry (Long) after their graduation — although it ended more awkwardly than the two had hoped.

It became a box office success grossing over $61.1 million worldwide in three months on a budget of $12 million.



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