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Engineer recalls working with Britney in the studio the day "Cry Me a River" video dropped

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Eh nothing special but cool to hear him reminiscing about it I guess



Tracks of Life Podcast - Ep. May 14, 2019 - Cassie (40 min)

This week, Jordan McGraw and Fabian Marasciullo welcome the one and only Cassie to the show! From Wu Tang to TLC and into creating her own music, Cassie takes us on a coming of age style episode with her life's soundtrack as the guide.



https://clyp.it/qew0245d < starts around the 2:50 min mark


Jordan is Dr Phils son and a singer now, he recently dropped that video directed by Joe Jonas or whatever - hes the one who talks about calling Britney when he was younger and she was on the radio. Fabian is the one telling the story about being in the studio that day, he's a pretty big mix engineer


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16 hours ago, Avatar said:

Didn’t she get approval for the video?

Sort of.  She said that JT told her that he was using a lookalike of her in the video but that it wasn’t a big deal, so she gave him permission.  She didn’t know what the video was actually about until after the fact. 

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