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RCA refused a Britney Jean Demo Called "*******" Due to "Potential Blacklash From Britney's Fans" (E-MAIL)

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Well, this is the whole story:

Somebody (this individual claimed to be an RCA's A&R at the time) sent me here back in 2014 via PM this e-mail apparently sent to the authors of the track aswell by RCA when the ******* demo leaked.




Don't remeber if this was posted but i'm going to share it anyway ->


Y'all are free to believe if that content is actually legit or not, because i don't know either. :mcorangu:

I was simply checking my old pics inside my notebook when this screenshot popped up. :selenerz:





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Heard this before when it was first rumored as a demo. The over digitalized vocals sound like something they would throw Britneys voice on. I like the beat but hate the lyrics. The beat actually sounds cheap enough to be on Britney Jean and I doubt Will.I.lAMe would've changed it.

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.....But they got backlash about BJ, anyway, since everything was Myah....... (Literally, even Bangerz. Sorry, Miley.) That's just hilarious as a reason to reject it when they were already ******* up big time with that album.

Anyway, I'm.... not that impressed. We've had fifty different versions of this type of song in the rock genre, though, to be entirely fair. I've heard it a lot.

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12 minutes ago, femmefataledoll said:

Myah is on Bangerz?? :airpls:

I can't confirm and I'm not saying this is popular opinion (as far as I know, its mine only), and maybe its just massive autotune, but that doesn't sound entirely like Britney to me. :yaknow: I'm prepared to take the downvotes and be disagreed with.

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