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Unpopular Opinion, but Holy S** look how flawless her hair and make up was on that FF-vid

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2 hours ago, Complication said:

She looked pretty but she was doing the absolute bare minimum here. TTWE was awful on that tour despite being the highlight of the promo performances.

Seriously! TTWE was like an almost another Britney at the promo performamces and at the tour the whole vibe was gone :xfactorlook:

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12 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

Her old iconic droopy eyes

Her old iconic nose

Her old iconic lips

Her old iconic face


Oh stop? my thoughts exactly. Her features were iconic. Iv been thinking it lately.. but is there any connection with her changing her features to the fact that after femme fatale she stopped being commercially succesful?  I know im reaching, but maybe she is kinda “unknown” now to the GP

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