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Britney BF (Sam, aka hot papi) in Skechers campaign in the Netherlands

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43 minutes ago, Barajas said:

I wasnt aware that he was now modeling for this brand, curious that 18 years ago Britney was who was giving the cool factor to Skechers

Didn't she revive this brand back then? I was really young to remember so precisely so I can't. I remember I felt having one of these shoes was like wearing haute couture :blol:

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1 minute ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

Hot papi? There nothing hot about arrogant douche bags like him

it's possible to judge a man's attractiveness without taking into account any other factors.. heck, I would **** Sam Lutfi if I didn't know who he was or his shady past.. while Sam A. is way too bulky and muscular for my taste, his face is extremely attractive.. :lessons:

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4 hours ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

I've seen better. His smug look makes him look unattractive. Sorry, but if a guy is gonna act the way he does, he's no longer hot to me. 

I’m the same way. While I can acknowledge he is objectively attractive, I’m not personally even remotely attracted to him due to the really disgusting comments he’s previously made, which illustrated the kind of character he has. 

And I mean, come on. Would he ever have gotten this campaign without having been Britney’s boyfriend? Only if you also believe K-Fed could’ve independently managed to get signed onto a record label as a rapper.

I’m personally rather sick of seeing everyone she allows into her life take advantage of her fame for their own career opportunities. 

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4 hours ago, Barajas said:

Well I was doing some errands in the city center and suddenly PUM.. look who I saw in the bus stop...


I wasnt aware that he was now modeling for this brand, curious that 18 years ago Britney was who was giving the cool factor to Skechers



When I realized you had stated her Skechers campaign was 18 years ago, it dawned on me that Sam was 7 at the time. :ugh: 

This was the same year Forbes dubbed her “The Most Powerful Celebrity.” Imagine that little first-grader telling all his classmates he’d be Britney Spears’ boyfriend when he grew up. :pieceofwhat:

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hahaha ok ok.. well some people disagree he is a hot papi, its normal since its matter of taste...

but I mean compare to other stuff we have had (well Britney have had)... he is DEFINITELY IN THE TOP FOR ME!

1) SAM
2) Skinny Charly (the way he was right before left Britney)
3) Prime Justin (**** BACK skinny and muscled) 

Are my top 3 by farrr!!

Lets better not remember the chubby liar who cheated on her in 2014 I think (what was his name?)... nor the bad looking paparazi who just wanted some money... :ugh::ugh::ugh:

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