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Amidst all this chaos, we mustn't forget what happend on this iconic date 11 years ago

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This thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is your In The Zone moment, @ILikeChillinWithYou

Happy intergalactical square omlette day, everyone!

Queen of cooking, TBH. Gordon Ramsay could never.

Also, when heading to my aunt's house for Easter, "Medellín" was played on the radio!

(This feels like the most broken, robot-pretending-to-be-human reply I've ever written. Is it really like that?)

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2 hours ago, Shadow2003 said:

This thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is your In The Zone moment, @ILikeChillinWithYou

Happy intergalactical square omlette day, everyone!

Queen of cooking, TBH. Gordon Ramsay could never.

Also, when heading to my aunt's house for Easter, "Medellín" was played on the radio!

(This feels like the most broken, robot-pretending-to-be-human reply I've ever written. Is it really like that?)

Awww thank you!:bigkiss:

Britney should have been a judge on Masterchef US, not X Factor:cardi:

You enjoy your Easter/Intergalactic Square Omelette Day at your aunts! Don't forget to stream Womanizer in honour of Square Omelettes everywhere :kisses:

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1 minute ago, DayvinDazone said:

I know!!! Well I guess Larry would come out of Britney's closet and go straight to the kitchen :umomg:

Or some other substitute abuser  like Lucy Lou Lucifer :overitkbye:

Ever wonder what life is like for Preston and Jayden? :ponderney: I mean they can call Britney Spears "mom" and she would respond positively to it:britlol: They can invite their friends over and enjoy a private concert whenever they want :o They must be really popular in their school and everyone would want to be friends with them:ahhh:

They can ask mommy anything they want anytime they wish to, from Original Doll to 2007 to Myah Marie:ohcrap: I hope they realise how lucky they are and start an account on exhale soon:anxiety:


Work it, work it, boy watch me work it! Slide down my pole watch me spin it and twerk it! :hipney:

Private Show is giving me life right now


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15 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

I KNOW RIGHT!!! :otears:

Like how does someone get so lucky to be born to our Queen???

While we're over here listening to LQ snippets of Rebellion, she was probably singing it to them as a lullaby :boredashell:



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OMG you put me in the Private Show mood again... I'm bout to blast it and turn it  all the way up :mcry:




But we have to think about the harsh circumstances. They also have to spend half their time with Kevin:embarrassney:


?"You'll find it in rebellion

               your body starts breaking in

     They're not believing what they are seeing

               'Cause you're Rebellion "?

The most peaceful sleep any child could ask for.


Typing this while listening to Glory on shuffle:bop:

J'oublie le monde, quand tu fais
Fais-moi l'amour, mon amour

Comme une coupure électrique
J'oublie le monde, quand tu fais

(not understanding anything but still bopping out to it):yesplease:


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Just now, DayvinDazone said:

LMAO :badgirl:


I would NOT want kevin golddigger as my father.

But Britney must be such an amazing mom for real....


(Do you think Jayden and Preston know Myah Murray?):airpls:


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Coupure Électrique, the slayage that go away :gobaby:

Seriously how come Britney's always revolutionizing the pop game before everybody else but she gets ZERO recognition :badthoughts:. I'm here for her French songs



Also Kevin has this other 5 or 6 kids that Preston and Jayden have to hangout with. They have to share their things with these kids, while when they are at their mom's place, they have everything to themselves :kisses: They get royal treatment at their mom's.

And I don't think the kids are even vaguely interested in their mom's career or past:icant2: let alone the existence of the album BJ. Hell they might not even know the number of albums she has:ugh:

Imagine if they were secretly spying on all of us with an account on exhale:unreal:


Our queen has been revolutionising the pop game since forever but no one notices it. Change Your Mind was released with Glory on Aug 2016 and 5 months later, Despacito becomes a worldwide hit and popularises Spanish pop.

Coincidence? I think not:jj:


Luis Fonsi was the opening avt at DWAD's Mexican leg. So we know where the inspiration comes from:hiii:


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6 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

I see no lies in this thread :queenriri:

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I'm loving how this is Glory appreciation thread in reality :jj:

Honestly, my whole existence would be slayed if some of y'all really were Jayden or Preston in disguise ugh.gif

We should be proud of ourselves, we made an Omelette thread a Glory Appreciation Thread:urite:

Anyone could be Preston or Jayden in disguise, like how Cappy is Larry in disguise:bedtime:


There could even be Britney in disguise on here :jj:


Think about it, we both have been praising Glory, especially Private Show, which Britney loves very much too. We have also been talking about Preston and Jayden, who Britney loves to talk about everytime.


Either one of us could actually be Britney in disguise:jj:







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34 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:


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I'd live for that!!! Imagine her reading all the crazy conspiracy theories and laughing at it with Jamie Lynn as they jam to Chillin witchu, while Myah Marie sings background vocals :jj::jj:



How good would it feel to be a brain cell in Britney Spears's brain, to know everything, every answer we have ever wanted, all in one place!:unreal:


What if I told you I was Britney:jj:

And congratulations to both of us for carrying this thread all by ourselves to the third page:clap: Who would have thought an Omelette would have started all this

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27 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:


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Baby cry, cry, cry

You ain't fooling anyone

You know I know that you know I know

That you're Britney, Britney :jj:


Seriously, I'm living for that harmonica in Liar. Texasney! :queenie:


All around the world, Pretty Girls

jump the line to the front

do what we like get what we want,

I'm just so Britney! :prettyney:

People say Liar is the best song on Glory, but I think DYWCO is

Btw i think we're taking this thread far ahead! I enjoy our private conversations :embarrassed:

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7 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

YASSS I'd love to talk more about Omeletteney aka Gloreney :)

What is your tea on What You Need? :squintney:

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I love her vocal acrobatics :omg:


I skip ot so often, not a big fan of it although I remember the first time I ever heard the song :wow: It was like being hit by a truck on your ear! I was gobsmacked she did that! Love the vocals, not the song.

If you had a chance to choose another lead single other than Make Me, what would it be?

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20 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

If I told you.... would you hold it against me? :cinderellaney:

I've actually fantasized about possible singles choices and all the lost opportunities for too long than I'd like to admit since the release of the album :verycool:

Just Luv Me is a highlight for me and Love Me Down.

Having said that, Love Me Down would not work now - but it could've smashed in 2016 :outwithit:

Just Luv Me remains timeless and ethereal classic :pleaseshhh:

My opinion is set in stone about Do You Wanna Come Over? The uptempo beat gives me life and is my all time favourite song everrrrrrr:letitburn: Imagine a (scrapped) video and a stellar VMA performance for that song!!! Also one of her best POM choreos

Love Me Down would have bought everyone to their knees in 2016 :bsass: Just Luv Me is something that I mever knew I needed from Britney:tiffanycries: The bridge is sooo good and probably would have been my choice for the 3rd single that never existed.


I should really be getting some sleep now:brityawning:


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