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I Edited the "MM" Music Video to Make More Sense. (DELETED FROM VIMEO)

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Wow... I’m blown away. This is the Britney vid style from the old days that I miss! Focus on Britney not gimmicks and her dancing! Loooooooooove this!  Need to download it but how? G-Easy removed makes this ten times better! I hated his part but no crap duet.  They seriously should hire you and release this... it’s epic!!!

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Now this is what should have happened if LaChapelle wasn't that close minded in keeping his vision. It looks like what they did to the +18 Work *****: They cut the risky plot and added more dancing.

Thank you for doing this, it looks really good and the fact that G-Eazy was not there made it even better. :janet:

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I am so here for this! 

I would get rid of the “Lachapelle” from the credits though. It’s not necessary - especially since the original mv rough cut is only a fraction of his intention, and this version uses even less of his material. So no need to credit him. 

I also think you should use a different visual of her when the title says “Make Me” so it’s not the Eos product placement at that moment.

At first I didn’t like the red light filter from the American Dream version, but then I realized it kinda goes with the body glitter - so it’s all good. 

I really like this. Gonna watch it again now!

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2 hours ago, Luminous said:

Some of you requested me to do this, so I made this "definitive" version of MM.

What will you find?
A video combining the 3 different versions of MM in order to give the recent filtered version a little more meaning. It’s basically a music video that shows how it was shot, that's the plot. :mj:

What won’t you find?
- G-Eazy, since in both the official and the original versions, his appearances make no sense, don't fit very well. 
- The scenes inside the house were removed, except those inside the cage (because i like them).

These scenes that I have not included, could (in my imagination) be used for another "single" as if it were a continuation of MM, after she left the recording studio along with one of her dancers; and this is where the second video would start. In this way, such scenes could be given greater meaning. (Maybe "Invitation", "Do You Wanna Come Over?").

For obvious reasons, I will not post the video on my YouTube channel, otherwise I will upload it to VIMEO. I don’t know how long it’ll stay online, but it’s worth a shot. :badthoughts:

I am also not allowed to give you the direct link of the video, so I will only give you the link of my VIMEO profile, so you can find it more easily: https://vimeo.com/luminousproductions

Hurry, watch the video before it gets deleted and then come back here to give me a comment on it. :janet:

Do you have a download link?? I love it

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