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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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Just now, goincrazy4brit said:

ok this is basically confirmation

the doubters can shut up and spread the world #freebritney

this forum never ceases to amaze me with its denial so i wont be surprised if they still argue britney is fine and there's no reason to talk about this EVEN with lynne acknowledging it

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I thought Britney's grandma had received a worrying voicemail 

Do you guys remember that blind item from August last year?  This permanent A list "singer" is rebelling in one of the only ways she can. She has been refusing to take her medication which has

Her case is a public case in California's public records. Ever since the beginning she has tried according to these official records to fight the conservatorship at least 7 times, but was denied by th

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8 minutes ago, DARC1993 said:

In other news , you can pre order Rainbow Fantasy 3.3 bottle on her website. Will be out 4/29


i cant

this ***** cannot just come back and start to release 400 commercials for it on insta:orangu:

we need answers first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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1 minute ago, Rickey3089 said:

It seem like the narrative is free Britney from rehab, when we want Britney to free as free woman to do what she wants, I hope that don’t get confused 

What if Britney relapsed on drugs or alcohol and Jamie sent her straight to rehab?

Would we still be thinking “oh okay, free Britney”?

We don’t know the details, girls! We could be affecting her custody by digging into this too much.

Maybe they concocted the Jamie is sick/Britney “me time” for Britney’s overall well being and not the opposite - like y’all are all assuming! Just saying!

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4 minutes ago, Martini said:

this forum never ceases to amaze me with its denial so i wont be surprised if they still argue britney is fine and there's no reason to talk about this EVEN with lynne acknowledging it

bunch of idiots

anyway we need to continue with this

we need to help her. expose them, pressure them, they are not so powerful after all

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4 minutes ago, colormefresh said:

You weren’t alive during the Blackout era clearly. Or the K-Fed era. Or the Jason Alexander era. Or the Columbus Short era.

She was spotted with bipolar medications in her purse in 2006.

The conservatorship did not create her illness.

Hunni no one is doubting she has/had issues, but she was a functioning person at the same time, people for get she was in her early 20s hell I had done way more stupid things than she did during that age frame. However her personality change after her freedom was taken point blank 

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7 minutes ago, Shadow2003 said:

First of all, I'm not sure what you're referring to. Are you talking about the #FreeBritney thing?

If so, let's keep that trending on Twitter for some time and maybe then try this.

I don't know though. I'm not an avid Shane fan, so I have no idea if this will bring more light to the situation.

Yes the #freebritney, if we leave comments, the GP will see them and question what it means 

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29 minutes ago, BKSTYL3 said:

i don't think Britney is crazy or has a mental illness. I never have. I think she has been put in situations that makes it look like she is. :truthtea:

this. EVERYONE here should watch this.

Even in 2007, I thought that Britney was misdiagnosed. Sure she was depressed and acting weird, but it doesn't mean she has to be in that box all of her life. meds were necessary back then and such but it seems that she has this red flag that every step she wants to take that people around her doesn't approve they put her in heavy meds or something, they sure are manipulative. Britney is aware of that but she coped with it bc she would be stressful 24/7. as someone said, you can agree to be in jail bc you know you will get out in 5 years but knowing you can't get out you just go along with it and I think that's the case. 

And she probably really needs to be in rehab right now, I believe there's a lot of repressed emotions from her about a lot of things that happened during those 10 years. I believe she wants to get out of the c-ship but doesn't know how to do it without being hysterical or rebellious like not wanting to take meds, I don't think Britney would be calm and say what she wants to say and get her way, they would manipulate her or not listen to her as she said in For The Record and if she's angry they put her in rehab... she has to have someone to be on her side to do this, that's why fans are reaching to Lynne. 




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1 minute ago, onyx09 said:

Pretty sure when he settled his lawsuit with her and her dad it came with a steep NDA to keep her name out of his mouth publicly :ehum: 

This is getting messier by the minute :ohdear:

I want to reply, but I also don’t wanna give him the attention he wants

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