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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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15 hours ago, Meaner03 said:

I don't like Sam L , but i won't turn a blind eye on the fact that at least his narrative has always been backed with proofs, let it be phone message, emails ect... While Jamie want us to believe that the guy he pictures as one who was drugging his daughter, stealing from her ect only deserved a restraining order, how you not gonna sue his *** ? scared that Britney would have had to testify ? seems like they've always been scared of such a thing, Britney speaking .

Britney needed anyone who was wiling to help to get away from him, she is not stupid, she knew Sam was not good either, but i guess she saw him as a possible ally .

Jamie needed to get ride of anyone who could be a threat to the cship at any cost, i mean even her mother was slowly pushed away from her, had no clue of Britney medical status, or where is Bryan ? why is he not a co-trustee of SJB anymore ?


You've really thought this out and this makes a lot of sense.  It would be easy for people to try to dismiss what you're saying because they have no understanding of how severely Conservatorship itself restricts freedoms and basic rights.  I think you are on to it.

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14 hours ago, Meaner03 said:

yes , it was not directed to you, but most to the team cship narrative trying to find any arguments possible to justify it :bigkiss:

It's especially bad since some of the people who supposedly only have Britney's interests at heart have been caught exploring conservatorship as a possible hybrid business model in which everybody involved  could get not just so-so rich, but REALLY rich.  Everybody wins!  Doesn't this sound a little like greedy people trying to turn a cash cow into their own personal Triple Crown Racehorse?   How dare these people.  Does Britney need owners and a jockey?   Of course, I'm sure it's much more complicated than that, but it's NOT A GOOD LOOK..  I'm pretty sure Andrew Wallet has seen the light and is running away before somebody takes a closer look at the ethics of this.  I could be wrong, of course.

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Guys today I found a news about Hayden Panettiere that she got RO against her boyfriend that was accoused of domestic violence. She is partying a lot, I think got arrested and her daughter is even in different country, diffrent continet with baby daddy. But no one is pushing her same as Britney was pushed back in 2007-2008 and she is not about to lose her custody or being under conservatorship. How unfair that people are talking about her postpartum depression and in Britneys case no one even mentioned it. Britney had even worse as her husband was not loyal to her,parting in Vegas in the time of pregnancy and didn't care about his wife, just using her money. Hayden ex fiance is supper dad and was supporting her all time long and really loved her. Britneys husband was just a piece of trash until he realised from this mess he caused in Britneys life he can get money till his death. That time he became "responsible" father. How sad! Of course Britney chose him as her husband it was a mistake as she said she was in love with the idea of being mom and wife and she didn't love Kevin for the right reason(and vice versa). But it shouldn't be a reason to attack her(paparazzi and media) and punish her this much(dad, court) when she was punished already as her dream family was broken. She should have learnt from it, moved on and most likely settle down with a right man and marry from the right reasons. Guy like Jason or Charlie. I really think conservatorship was not a solution although in the begining till 2010 it helped her to come back from darknes. 

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3 hours ago, ItShouldBeOffiTunes said:

Girl you just don’t like him and you’re trying  to make him seem worse than his is for reasons I don’t know. He was literally responding to someone who kept asking him about ******** he was taking when he wasn't 

That Sam does not take ********? haha it is obvious.Sam was fat and it does not matter the diet, the hard work, the operations of the nose ,his dental veneers  and the ******** he takes.. What I do not like about Sam A.are the lies, his desire for attention and fame and narcissism but  good for you if you believe him.

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2 hours ago, Rob_ said:

Why isn’t everyone so angry about this? 


He maybe didn’t say it in the best way but he’s not wrong. He absolutely has great genes... and was lucky enough that, applied with hard work and a good diet, he achieved his look.


Its the the absolute truth. Some people can follow his same routine and not look like him because of their genes. And overall the article is sending a good message. :yaknow:


I'm quite sure he posted a before/after pic once and he looked chubby and ugly as **** in the before pic.

He is arrogant, narcissistic and fake as ****. Can't stand that guy. Btw his ex gf said he's an *******.

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Curiously messaged Park MGM just to see the official status of Domination.

They confirmed it’s status is still postponed & it’s not officially cancelled. Any further Domination announcements will posted on their social media. 

I mean it’s obviously 99.9% going to be.

However just wanted to share that Larrys big mouth stands for nothing :demi:

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4 hours ago, ralphcornio said:

He doesn't seem much brilliant to me tbh, but doesn't seem like a bad guy either.

I repeat what I do not like about Sam A. is that he is a lying ...this person has been lying since mid- January on our face and he even dares to criticize the #Free Movement in his Instagram or when in his  instagram uploaded a fake video on Valentine's Day.

I do not like that a person gets fame for being a boyfriend of icon/famous person and more when he known that person is trapped.

I do not like that person when he is accomplice of a team that are against the freedom of his"girlfriend".

I do not like a person who takes a picture grabbing his ex girlfriend by the neck.

I do not like a person who laughs at people.

I do not like a person who jokes about homeless people.

I do not like narcissistic, arrogant ,empty, possessive and liars people like Sam A. and endless things more that I do not like about him and I think I've been clear.But good, for the people who despite everything believe in Sam A.


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16 hours ago, Meaner03 said:

Britney's Gram last podcast pointed us a court document where Andrew Wallet the co-conservator asked in court document the judge to see this conservatorship as an "hybrid business model" and the court granted him the raise he asked for . This only should be enough to dismiss this masquerade , it is not a conservatorship for an incapacitated woman who can't provide food or shelter for herself , it is an hybrid business that is making money off of a woman denied human rights .

Wasn't Brenda the judge by this point? Why did she grant that? :xfactorlook:

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3 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

It's going to be interesting to see what business moves Britney will be making once the conservatorship is over.

We all know Vegas is always on the table

I know Elizabeth Arden will continue on doing business with her

I'm sure others will want business with Britney 

I was never anti- another run in Vegas; but I felt there had to be some type of break of performing until a return.  She simply had to add new things to a show that I don't could be fit in the time-span from when Domination was announced till when the show was expected to start.

There simply needed to be some type of anticipation rather than announcing a new residency less than a year after the previous residency ended.

Thanks pretty much to the Fantasy line alone, Britney, like Elizabeth Taylor's brand will keep doing business with Elizabeth Arden indefinitely; just hopefully Britney is the one getting her royalties.

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1 hour ago, onyx09 said:

anybody seen the movie unsane? it partly reminds me of Britney being in the conservatorship. The main character is committed into a psych ward against her will for insurance fraud. 


Her being kept under a permanent conservatorship also reminds me of the below Lifetime movie starring Lacey Chabert; the husband convinces the wife she’s mentally ill and needs to be committed to a psychiatric ward. Spoiler time!


It’s to cover up his own illegal activities - murder - after she saw him with a dead body. He wants her to be deemed incompetent so she cannot report and testify against him. He essentially gaslit her and convinced her she’s “insane” so she doesn’t believe what she saw. He even hires staff members who must pretend to be figments of her imagination that he cannot see so she truly believes she ill. They follow along as he is loaded with cash. One of the staff members eventually tells her she isn’t delusional. She then realizes she really did see him with a dead body, and she breaks free after he is sent to prison.

MOVIE: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imaginary_Friend_(2012_film)

I do believe there are parallels between the movie and a permanent conservatorship - referred to as a “hybrid business model” by a former co-conservator - with this many questionable components. Wallet, did I hear you were afraid of being disbarred on Britney’s Gram? :well:

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8 hours ago, zxcvb said:

This is a key point because her fragrances would be her most consistent form of income, as her contract is worth millions of dollars every year but we don't really know if this money is going to her.

It would be also interesting to find who owns the "master" of her recording , Jamie presenting himself as her business representing talking about million dollars deals with Brand Sense and trying to play them makes me think he would have no shame to also put himself to get more money and power from her music

Larry had no shame being the producer of For The Record and making money off of her past struggles and fake comeback they orchestrated 

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1 hour ago, Jamiea1112 said:

Curiously messaged Park MGM just to see the official status of Domination.

They confirmed it’s status is still postponed & it’s not officially cancelled. Any further Domination announcements will posted on their social media. 

I mean it’s obviously 99.9% going to be.

However just wanted to share that Larrys big mouth stands for nothing :demi:

Lets send them the article of Larry saying its cancelled lol

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