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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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Nobody has any right to say ****  because none of you know the “real facts” on Britney’s health.  

Who cancels  a tour if they ‘re mentally stable  and if everything is Honky Dory in their personal life???? NOBODY. 

All you negative people and to all of you who claim to “medical health experts ”  you need a get a life!!!!!! 

I respect Britney so much more for choosing “health” over money.  

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I mean, this video doesn't prove anything or deny her having a mental illness but still... We've already established that conservatorships are for gravelly ill and disabled persons. Britney doesn't appear gravely ill in that video nor has she at any point of time since she was placed under the conservatorship. Plus Andrew Wallet referred to the c-ship as a "hybrid business model" which is CERTAINLY not what it's for... So yeah, make of that what you will.

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42 minutes ago, Lareinesmith said:

New pics ?



I was literally in this exact same pose scrolling through the thread as I smelled the soap in my fingers from my office's bathroom lol and I see the picture and I'm like :orly: :blol:

 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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On 5/17/2019 at 9:55 AM, stephenlee844 said:

Whats everyone thinking? She looks great but im guessing its an old snap!

She looks great.  She shouldn't be in a conservatorship which is the most severe civil penalty that can be placed on a citizen.  Surely her conservators are playing by the rules because they are dealing with a huge pop star, but many others in Britney's situation don't fare so well.  Their assets are stolen in conservatorships and guardianships because throughout the U.S. there is lack of oversight.  Many lose their homes and all of their assets due to unscrupulous guardians and conservators.  They are often locked away in facilities allowed only monitored occasional visits from family.  https://www.stopguardianabuse.org

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Recap for pages 1350-1400 (May 11)


On page 1350, the remains from the previous pages are pushed up due to thread merging. The now-deleted tweet from T Kyle is also talked about, for which he received very negative reactions:




Tweets from Britney's Truth were embedded on page 1353, as the real identity behind the account is questioned again, mostly by Shrekney.



The official Instagram of Billboard posts stories of the videos and interviews from the protest:



On exhalers JustPhil comments on T Kyle's tweet and he responds, to which Phil retaliates:

A picture of Lynne inside a car returning from the court surfaces along with a USA Tiday article: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2019/05/10/britney-spears-goes-court-speak-judge-conservatorship/1171220001/



From the picture, people infer that Britney was right next to Lynne in the car.

It is revealed that A 730 evaluator is the Court’s appointed expert and is not hired by either party. Therefore, a court ordered 730 evaluation is intended to be an unbiased, objective evaluation of facts or a matter for which an expert opinion will help the Court. So Jamie can't pick nor can Lynne. This clarifies that TMZ lied, again.

Courtney Love continues her rant on Instagram:


fcf53300-cca7-4270-be03-8209cfe27162-ori 67ab6584-aa57-4637-875f-4a671b88fd9e-ori

Everyone discusses about the 730 Evaluation Britney has been ordered on pages 1355-1360. Many people appear to be confused but it is cleared out.

CharlieBlue8 return with the negative comments only to receive downvotes on page 1362, which includes him coming at PokemonSpears with one particular comment but he is defended by other exhalers. 

Another thread about Britney's apparel at the hearing gets merged, adding more to the mess as some new posts are displaced to pave way for others. 

Dark.Knight creates a book cover for the whole issue if someone writes about all this after she gets out.



Page 1365 is one of the best pages of the thread given the humorous content. Dayvindazone comments on the book cover Dark.Knight made, describing it as, "A New York Times best seller and Oprah Winfrey book club selection" to which Dark.Knight follows up with this iconic post describing the book:


"Best selling book in history since the Bible!"
"The Russo Brothers are working on a script and how to make it part of the MCU"

"1 Billion copies sold in 24 hours!"

"The entertainment business will never be the same, this is just the beginning (as long as it's not me)" -Meryl Streep

"I was so upset, I went on tour for it." -Beyonce

"Utterly surprised" -Kevin Federline via McDonalds

"I've always loved Britney and supported her since day one. I knew she would come out triumphant" -MuuMuse from an incognito Twitter account

"I'm glad I was able to help my dear friend legally" -Kim K.

 "For $5 a month, I can tell you how I feel about it" -Jordan Miller

This particular post received 46 upvotes and was quoted by many on the succeeding posts.

ABC news publishes an article on what happened at the hearing: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/britney-spears-attends-hush-hush-court-hearing-parents/story?id=62976085


The hearing took place behind closed doors after Samuel D. Ingram, Spears' court-appointed lawyer, addressed the judge and asked for the courtroom to be cleared of and closed off to media. Ingram said his client had requested privacy in order to keep her medical history out of the public eye

Behind closed doors, Spears and her parents, James and Lynne Spears, addressed the court and made their arguments in relation to their daughter's conservatorship, according to minutes from the hearing.

The court ordered Britney Spears, 37, to undergo a 730 expert evaluation, which is a competence examination.

Britney's friend, Jansen posts a new Instagram story- a picture of her with Britney:



ITV.com publishes an article: https://www.itv.com/news/2019-05-11/britney-spears-appears-in-cleared-court-to-speak-on-her-legal-status/


But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny wrote in an order afterwards that all had agreed on a so-called 730 expert evaluation, a process usually used to determine the mental health and competence of a parent in a divorce case.

It is not made clear who would be examined, and whether it would relate to Spears’s relationship to her two sons or her parents’ oversight of her.

Spears’s personal lawyer Samuel D Ingham rose at the start of the hearing in front of many reporters and a handful of fans to say that Spears had requested the proceedings so she could speak to the court, and asked that the room be cleared because personal finances and her minor children would be discussed.

For years, Spears has been publicly silent about the severe restrictions on her decisions put in place by the conservatorship established in 2008, when she was having serious personal and psychiatric struggles, many of which played out in public.

Conservatorship, also known as guardianship, is an involuntary status usually reserved for elderly or very ill people who are suffering from dementia or otherwise incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.

Outside the courthouse, about 20 Spears fans protested with signs that read “Free Britney” and “End the conservatorship now”.

 The appearance of Spears’s 66-year-old father Jamie Spears was something of a surprise because he had been in such ill health in recent months that his daughter put her career on hold, delaying the start of a Las Vegas residency, so she could be with him.

Spears mother, Lynne Spears, who is divorced from Jamie Spears, has had no role in the conservatorship, but this week got special permission from the judge to be part of Friday’s hearing.

 Britney Spears does not normally attend the hearings on her status.

Her parents’ situations along with the departure from the case of the lawyer who long served as Jamie Spears’s co-executor seemed to suggest significant changes might be coming in the legal arrangement.

But the judge has not indicated she is inclined to make any major moves, and ordered another status hearing for September.


Some appreciation for Robert Haviland goes around on page 1368. Many of his tweets are discussed again. Most prominent of them are listed below:



Exhale site becomes briefly unavailable around page 1370.

On page 1371, it is found out that Jamie Lynn deleted her Instagram post of the picture of Britney. On the same page, people talk about their wish that Eminem would collaborate with Britney. 

Sam Lutfi tweets that he was blocked from following Jamie Lynne and Lou, both done at the same time. This points towards the fact that Lou might have control over Jamie, Lynne's account, added to the fact that the Britney post got deleted.

Miss Geena performs with a costume representing #FreeBritney:



Perhaps the most important and prominent topic that took over pages 1365-1375 were the pictures of Britney exiting the court in which she wasn't wearing any footwear. Everyone agrees that No heels does not equal mental illness but at the same time everyone is sure that the media will pick up on this as a bad sign. The theory that Britney took them off just to get to her vehicle faster or because the heels were uncomfortable were agreed upon. Amidst this, some compliments to her *** in the picture is thrown around.

On page 1375, FatteFataleStan conjures a diss aimed at Lilith that he is pushing 30 but is still in a pop fan site. This receives heavy backlash to such an extent that the post gets deleted. The next 4 pages are basically discussing this age thing, as everyone reassures themselves and others that being 30+ and stanning Britney, who is 37, is not a problem. Page 1376 is comprised of posts where everyone shares their age and nothing else. 

If you are interested in knowing what age other people are and what different memebers have to say about different age groups, 4-5 pages have been wasted from page 1375-1380.

On page 1379, Chrisryan gives an account on some main points of the corrupt case of the conservatorship:

"So my Dad who is a very well established attorney and he visited me this weekend with my Mom for Mother's Day. I asked him if he has any experience with conservatorship cases and he said he has been part of quite a few. So, I thought I would tell him about the Britney case, and he found it VERY interesting, so I thought I would share some of his feedback with the group since we are all so on edge: 
- CA is known for being incredibly corrupt withtheir legal systems.
- Their state is weird because Judges are voted to their benches which can allow for some interesting/ corrupt cases 
- I told him about Andrew and Jaime being co-conservators and he said that is incredibly fishy and strange (this is NOT the normal thing). This is not a very likely thing to happen. 
- Conservatorships are VERY hard to prove for many reasons and quite hard to keep in place should the conservatee contest it
- If they locked her into one then she is legally able to contest it herself, which sounds like she finally did that. Why she hasn't in the past is interesting. What would keep her from doing that if she really wanted out?
- The reason that the paralegal that leaked the info was so huge, is because a paralegal falls into a grey area. They do not have attorney-client privilege, so they can leak anything that they want. The only person that would be responsible for their info leak would be the attorney that they worked for, even if they were fired. So this paralegal could legally leak any of the information that he has on Britney and not be held legally accountable.  (Do we think Andrew knew a leak was about to happen to he recused himself?)
- It is SUPER unusual to have a Lawyer and a family member be co-conservators. That is just really weird according to him. He said that is a HUGE red flag. 
- He thinks it looks like an uneducated family not really understanding that they are being manipulated into sharing a very large estate. It is very likely that Jaime might not understand fully what the conservatorship is paying out and to who. That it is more likely that the attorney that was conconservator would have an idea.
...anyways thought you guys would like to know! <3"

 Actress Rise McGowan releases a short video confirming her support for #FreeBritney:



This is huge news to the thread given Rose is a high profile celebrity. Everyone at Exhale gepreets this good news wit Rose McGowan appreciation posts for a while.

Sam Asghari posts a throwback phot with Britney in regard to Mothers Day:



 New Blind Item:



Abby Lee Miller send Britney support:



Most of exhale doesn't know her so this doesn't become as big as a news as Rose McGowan was.

Jamie Lynn posts Instagram stories with regard to Mothers Day, but what intrigues exhale is that in all of the pictures she posted, Britney is present along with Lynne.

Catalina reveals the news that TMZ released a groundbreaking article claiming that Britney is now part of the #FreeBritney movement. They claim that she is fighting to be free from her conservatorship as she told the judge in court about wanting to be free. 



Full article enclosed below:


"Britney Spears has joined the social media movement to free her from her conservatorship, and she told the judge as much Friday when she was in court.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Britney has done an about-face, now telling the judge her father, Jamie Spears, committed her to a mental health facility a month ago against her will and also forced her to take drugs. We're also told Lynne Spears' lawyer echoed the allegation.  

 TMZ broke the story, Britney spent 30 days at an L.A. mental health facility after she began rapidly going downhill ... she stopped taking the drugs that kept her stable after they stopped working and doctors still have been unable to find the right combination.

 As we reported, Jamie Spears does not have the power under the conservatorship to either commit Britney against her will or to ply her with drugs against her will. A mental health facility that accepted an adult patient against that patient's will when the conservator did not have such power would be committing a crime. And remember, Britney frequently left the place and was seen out and about.

Britney wants more freedom and asked the judge for certain adjustments ... but didn't get them. Sources tell us Britney would like to end the conservatorship, which has been operating for 11-plus years.  

The judge took no action and has ordered an expert to evaluate Britney and until that happens there will be no change in the conservatorship ... but it has clearly created a family war."

The article receives positive reactions but some remain lukewarm in their responses given it was TMZ who released the news. But everyone is happy as this is pretty much a confirmation that she was indeed held against her will. The article also disbanded the term that the whole issue was "just a conspiracy by fans".

The thread blows up big time as comments per minute rate increases drastically.

Hollywood Life releases new article claiming that Britney reportedly begged judge to free her from the conservatorship: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/05/13/britney-spears-conservatorship-hearing-freed-dad-jamie/.

More new news hits the stride as Premiere Networks titled "CONFIRMED: The #FreeBritney crowd proven right: @BritneySpears fold a L.A. Superior Court Judge how she was institutionalized by her father against her will"



As more and more news are flooding in, everyone takes a blow at all the people who denied the movement from the start and that we were just making up conspiracy theories. At the same time, many are saddened by the fact that this was all true and that she indeed had to face all the wrong doings from Lou and Jamie right under our noses. One particular member, IndyRS got dragged big time for having called the fans crazy and obsessive, now that he has been proven wrong.

PopCrave News catches up on the TMZ reports:



No one had expected TMZ to break such a news so everyone is surprised and concludes that TMZ was aiming at money more than loyalty towards team cship. TMZ having gone rebellious is appreciated by everyone.

Sam Lutfi tweets his thoughts:



New article from Vanity Fair Spain: https://www.revistavanityfair.es/sociedad/celebrities/articulos/el-fin-de-una-era-britney-spears-rompe-con-su-padre-despues-de-haberla-internado-en-una-clinica-psiquiatrica/38116. The article is well appreciated for being informed about both sides. This one oarticular quote gains applause:


"even then, Jamie isn't allowed to force his daughter in a facility or to medicate her. Only she can decide that, in other words, the people responsible at the facility would be acting illegally"

The thread hits 1400 pages


Thank You! Hope I helped :kiss:

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11 minutes ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

Recap for pages 1350-1400 is up. This is from May 11th and 12th so it is mostly the after effects of the May 10th hearing. Mostly uninteresting but 1390-1400 was huge! And page 1365 is GOLD, thanks to @Dark.Knight

Find the original post in the recap thread, but I'll quote it here for all those who wants to remember what happened back then:

I really need to get some rest :brityawning:

that post by Dark.Knight was the best :haha: 

hope you're doing better from your accident! and thanks for the recap

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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