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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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6 minutes ago, zxcvb said:

Exactly.  Now that there is going to be a full investigation, the truth about potential mismanagement of her assets will come to light.

Hopefully, they talk to Adam Streisand too, since she did hire him at some point.  The judges/commissioner in 2008 kept saying that she 'lacked the capacity to pick an attorney' , But Streisand said in 2016:

"It was clear to me that she seemed a bit agitated," Mr. Streisand told the NY Times. "But my sense was that she did have the capacity to pick a lawyer and that she could make a rational decision. Britney wanted to oppose the conservatorship. But she was also extremely worried about her kids and seemed to understand that the best thing to do to see her kids was to accept it."



Also From 2008:

The afternoon session was closed to the public, but it is believed Britney is trying to wrest control of her estate away from her father and Wallet.

Streisand powwowed Wednesday afternoon with Spears and her paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib, just hours after the singer's release from the psych ward of UCLA Medical Center.

Three days earlier, the attorney had appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court on Spears' behalf. He said he had been retained by Spears over the weekend, after visiting her at the hospital, and that he was present at the Monday hearing at her behest in an attempt to remove Jamie Spears as point person for her estate and welfare.

The Spears patriarch, along with independent third-party attorney Wallet, was granted temporary conservatorship over his daughter's decision making last Friday. Streisand asked Commissioner Reva Goetz to replace the duo with Howard Grossman, Spears' business manager, and the Northern Trust Bank.

During Streisand's brief time in court, he also let slip that Spears' estate is currently worth $40 million and that the troubled pop star is in the midst of a $17 million IRS audit.

The attorney was unable to divulge any more info during his brief court appearance, as Goetz quickly booted Streisand from the courtroom. The commissioner stated she was not convinced that Spears was in any state to properly retain an attorney and that Streisand therefore had no business being in court.


The 'Britney did not have the capacity to pick a lawyer' notion.  Why did this happen?

look at there at 4th february @Applejack compiled the cship timeline and it talks about the lawyer capacity thing , which is bullshit of course, i mean she just hired one of the best Lawyer in LA but she doesn't the capacity to hire one . It's one the biggest corrupt move made under cship , thanks to judge Goetz and PVP Ingham 



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Guys, Im thinking that ... may be the dispute is between Sam Ashgari and Larry Rudolph? Maybe Sam Ashgari pushing her to break free and Larry is against that bcuz Sam wants a bigger slice of pie? I dont know this whole thing confusing and fan's theories dont make any sense :mhm:


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7 minutes ago, Winter _90 said:

People article is the most disgusting thing I've read these days.How sad that her team and father and the magazine  insinuate something like this and again leave her image on the floor and praise Kevin's wife. For money,Britney is far away from the people she loves the most.It breaks my heart Britney has always wanted to be a mother, it was her dream.

I know.. and how they say that Victoria dresses them in clean clothes. Wow she should get an award for that. 

Also it’s sad when they say that the boys keep her updated on their school project. Like she’s not a part of their life at all

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4 hours ago, JACVing said:

We don’t really know what was going on indoors. The umbrella incident was just one incident indeed, but was just one PUBLIC incident. Say she didn’t suffer during 2007 is such a lie, and say that her suffering wasn’t caused by her mental health is a bigger lie. We, as fans who love her, have the responsability to support her stability, wellbeing and a healthy state of mind. Even more than a Vegas recidency or a new album. I don’t support the lack of freedom she got from the c-ship (even though I’m not a lawyer and don’t know her diagnosis), but say she should be off meds if she really is taking them is so wrong. We need to remove the stigma around mental health and know that is ok to get help and is ok to live a healthy and normal life with cronic diseases with the right treatment. It is really dangerous for a person with a mental health issue to be off meds. An example is the influence of social media in encouraging people with depression to overcome it by themselves and without medication… it is sad the lost of young lives because of that. I’m not saying that will happen to Britney, but we need to understand the importance of medication in the treatment of mental diseases, even when they are not severe! It could be the way to stop it from getting worst.

I stopped reading after you said: "We need to remove the stigma around mental health" because I felt offended by it since you quoted me. Please tell me how do I have a stigma over mental health when my own brother is bipolar since he was 19yo? :umok: I know a lot about it and have been dealing with it for over a decade.

Also, where did I say she doesn't have/had a mental illness? I clearly said that TO ME she acted (in 2007) more like a person abusing from drugs and drinks out of depression, than a person dealing with severe mental illness and that she having ONE violent moment didn't necessarily mean ****, because any of us could react the same way without having a mental disorder. BUT I ALSO DID SAY: "Actually, is NOW that Britney seems anxious and showing signs of having a mental illness. I'm not saying she didn't have it back in the day, we don't know for sure.:well:

Wich means I'm not denying the possibility of it happening back in the day, so please read it again. English is not my first language so maybe you didn't get my point, I was just stating facts that SOME examples of her behaviour in 2007 people give here, are not necessarily a sign of mental illness. But at the same time, I'm not saying it's impossible since WE STILL DON'T KNOW FOR SURE. :begone:

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29 minutes ago, Circuit said:

Can someone explain to me why Lou is a bad person really quick?

All I know is that she suggested putting Britney in a conservatorship in 2008 (but let’s be real the c-ship was a good idea then).

Read the thread like the rest of us. Get to work *****!!

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  • Twitter Team

I thought she had bipolar, didn't she hint at the idea she had it in I Am Britney Jean? I mean the breakdown in 2007, her behaviour at the time and her being hospitalised are all signs of a mental illness. Some fans act as if it's something to be ashamed of, but it's not. 

The conservatorship was necessary back in 2008 but it does sound as if it's being abused now. 

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