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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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On 5/16/2019 at 11:47 PM, BOBIBCFBG said:

Damage control from what? He only said true things - Britney prob shouldn't be doing a residency any time soon (obvious) and if she's ready to work and bring passion to a project then he's there for her (great). 

Damage control isn't about telling lies. Larry said that Britney's meds stopped working and that they're trying to find the right balance. That may not be a lie but it is not his place to tell the world details like that about Britneys medical health.  The damage control is Larry now doing interviews making point statements that he 'only manages her career and doesn't know about the medical stuff'.

Larry is trying to distance himself as a 'insider' in Britneys personal life  and is claiming that he only managers her career, even though he is really a close family friend who knows exactly whats going on behind closed doors. He's trying to distance himself from Jamie and  call Britney insane just in case the investigation links him to any wrong doing or Britney tells the court something that could implicate him.

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I kinda don’t understand what you were asking for with this thread because you say yourself that they’re using “this undefined mental illness as ample reasoning for her conservatorship.” But if we knew her diagnosis they wouldn’t be able to do that because we could just use google to find it... Were you asking for us to give her our own diagosis? 

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12 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

Awful. Unfortunately this is just how the people around Britney are. She's just money to them. :weirdmeout:

Larry is probably going to get fired very soon and doing everything he can to low-key trash Britney while keeping his reputation in tack. Larry isn't speaking from the perspective of one of the "people around Britney".

I don't know what recently happened between Larry and Britney but he is upset with her. I guess he really invested a lot in Domination and is pissed off that she's not going to do it, OR its the investigation on the conservatorship. Maybe he's scared the courts are going to find some wrong doing on his part. Either way, Larry is speaking out of fear or anger.

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I don’t think BO sounds amazing because Larry wasn’t around. Managers don’t necessarily work for the label, they work for the talent. He is supposed to be making sure she’s working with great producers to produce great work, but if the label head hates the whole project, she still has to start over or record new songs regardless. When she’s not performing at certain events or on red carpets when she has something to promote, that’s a Larry issue all the way. If she gets out of the c-ship, I want her to hire Scooter Braun honestly. He seems to understand the direction of the music industry and he’s really good at spinning controversy and making ppl still tune in to his artists. Demi just hired him.

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They have never come out and said, but according to the most recent hearing, didn’t she ask ppl to leave the court room once they started talking about her medical issues and children? Maybe she really doesn’t want the world to know and then report on it. Or maybe it’s a variety of mental disorders and she doesn’t want anyone to judge her? I believe it is something though, just because she’s constantly being evaluated, on medication, was under an involuntary hold, etc. And mental illness isn’t one size fits all. You can develop one later in life, you can be fine for awhile and then not.  I think ppl who just look at her dark times as a rebellion or her acting out don’t remember how scary that time was, especially as she had two very small children at home and for awhile it looked like she wouldn’t make it out alive.

As for the c-ship, I’ve always maintained that we don’t know her. And u can’t always believe every rumor or blind item. The only thing we can go off of was how she was the last time she was out of the c-ship, and we all remember how that looked. And I think the ppl like David lachapelle (?) who have their own money and could put that money to good use and help her, but would rather sit and talk about her horrible life with randoms on Instagram is so sad. But I think it’s good it gets evaluated and that an impartial person sees if she can properly manage her own life and maybe start giving her some freedom. No one wants to feel micromanaged forever. I also like that her mom and even Sam is standing by her side during this time as well. Maybe they can work out a better solution than what her father has done.

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12 hours ago, TakeYourHand said:

Hmmm she said "im scared!" AGAIN! She says that in FTR, the random starbucks run from 2011, and here. Must be code. Her laugh is so cute! I also love the fact that shes being escorted to the DRIVERS SEAT! This is SO 2007 but more positive because we now know she is not a crazy *****!

She was never a crazy *****. She had her troubles and needed help. I followed her news around that time and always thought her actions were very reasonable considering everything around her. It’s very human.

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On 5/16/2019 at 11:55 PM, Cappycorn87 said:

Where was this concern at over the years?

How do you know it wasn't there though? People on here talk as if they know what's going on behind the scenes but we don't. She herself says that she loves working and gets antsty if she doesn't. Larry said she was calling him every day last summer about performing again. It's his job to make it happen for her.

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yet another TMZ article which features pics of Britney on her Starbucks runs. using these outings as their “proof” of Britney not being so restricted. Trying to silence. Keep going guys! 


Britney Spears may be in the eye of a social media firestorm, but her conservatorship is working 24/7 and it's business as usual.

Sources with knowledge of the conservatorship tell TMZ ... Britney and her dad, conservator Jamie Spears, talk at least 3 times a day, often at Britney's behest. There have been reports Britney and Lynne Spears have squeezed Jamie out of his daughter's life, but it's not the case. In fact, we're told she's actually calling him "more than usual."

As for how the conservatorship runs ... we're told it's the same way it's run for 11 years. Britney fills her day with massages, acupuncture, facials, hair appointments and caring for her 2 sons.

She's free to come and go as she pleases, with certain restrictions. Security follows Britney at all times, but they don't meddle unless there's a red flag. For example, we're told liquor stores are off limits. You'll recall, Britney had issues with alcohol back in 2008 when she went into a tailspin.

There are other restrictions that Britney doesn't like, but they're in place nonetheless and haven't changed. Most notably, she really wants an iPhone, but we're told Jamie has put the kibosh on that because of concerns over social media and people with ulterior motives contacting her. Britney has taken the issue up with the judge -- as recently as a week ago Friday -- but the judge sided with Jamie.

Britney and Kevin Federline still have 50/50 joint custody of their sons ... the actual time week-to-week has gone back-and-forth for various reasons, but the formal arrangement hasn't changed.

As one source put it, "Britney does what she wants. The conservatorship protects her, but with a few exceptions it doesn't restrict her in her day-to-day life."

And, Britney's pretty much living by herself. We're told Lynne left the house Thursday and is flying back to Louisiana today.

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