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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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43 minutes ago, sea3chel said:

Has this blind been posted yet?

"202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#11**
The wannabe momager suddenly has a ton of cash burning a hole in her pocket thanks to recent statements she made supporting her ex and his vision going forward. Lynne Spears/Britney Spears/Jamie Spears (Britney Spears's mom Lynne shops in Southern California after insisting daughter is doing 'wonderfully' amid conservatorship battle)"


I don't get it..:bpout:

are they saying that Jamie is paying Lynne a lot of money so she can support him going forward? :mhmsureny:

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10 minutes ago, PZHSB said:

Omg y’all. Just thinking this. Beyoncé has to suck on Jay Z’s eggplant and our queen feasts on that hunk of a man. We stan a legend. 

Beyonce:Has a powerful, intelligent and self-made man and  he is in love with her.

Britney:Has a boyfriend paid for her team, a liar, a narcissist with zero moral ethics.

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3 minutes ago, Cigarettes&Cologne said:

are they saying that Jamie is paying Lynne a lot of money so she can support him going forward? :mhmsureny:

Jamie knew that Lynne has so much power on Britney then him. So maybe he is using Lynne to convince Britney about conservatorship. They are manipulating her. She thinks she has serious mental issues cuz of them. That's my theory. 

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49 minutes ago, Applejack said:

I know some people want to believe it's not about money, but ever since it began, you can find in the court papers judge, lawyers, Wallet, etc saying it's necessary due to financials. I know they cannot discuss her health, but there has always been an emphasis on finances and investments and big money. Yet her net worth hasn't grown ever since it began. She should've been a billionaire by now. I remember whenever Forbes would publish the biggest earners/net worths and some people would see nothing wrong with the discrepancy her numbers showed, but that is a huge flag and it's basically what Trump does - inflate his net worth when it would benefit him to get exposure and loans and underestimate his net worth when he needed to pay taxes. The thing is, he was trying to hide the fact he has no money and he's a debtor - Team B might very well be hiding the fact they're mismanaging a LOT of money.

Plus, you add the fact that, instead of setting her free from it, her conservators would ask raises with the justification that she was sooo fine and dandy and happy due to their actions.

It seems they all got a lot richer now from then, too.

This is all so shady.

I think it's money and control, personally. Now that their claws have been in her for a while, they really don't want to lose that control.

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1 hour ago, zxcvb said:

This is their narrative via TMZ since at least 2011:

"TMZ has obtained legal documents in the conservatorship case, showing that in December 2008, the assets controlled by Britney's conservators totaled $2,826,362.68.

Now get this ...TMZ has learned ... exactly one year later -- in December, 2009 -- the assets controlled by the conservators swelled to $27,500,000 ... almost a 10 fold increase in 1 year.

Most of the gains came from Britney's wildly successful Circus Tour.

Now the figures are deceiving. The conservators only control a portion of Britney's total estate. She has a lot of money and property in various trusts and other business entitites, which the conservators do not control."


No court docs of course, but as the conservatorship estate continued to increase, they always pointed out that the conservatorship is only a 'portion of the conservatee's total assets." in subsequent reports on her conservatorship finances...

"At the end of 2015, the docs show Britney had cash and property worth $51,141,000, around 5 million more than she had at the beginning of the year...BTW ... the documents only reveal a portion of Britney's wealth. There are millions more in various trusts."

-TMZ, August 2016


" Her total property and assets at year's end were $55,745,288 -- up about $5 million from 2015 -- and that number doesn't even include untold millions more in various trusts."


-TMZ, September 2017

And then there's the widely seen court doc from 2014 from Reva Goetz

“The conservatorship estate entails the active management of Britney Spears substantial career, business interests and assets as well as numerous trusts and entities. The conservatorship estate represents a portion of the conservatee’s total assets.”


So does Britney really have hundreds of millions of dollars in trusts and entities outside her conservatorship estate or was that money put in those shady businesses??

And regards to that comment about her 'nearly going broke' there was also this report from MTV in early 2008...

Streisand, who said he was referred to the singer by her custody lawyers at Trope and Trope, had also questioned the expertise of court-appointed co-conservator Andrew Wallet, claiming that he didn't have the expertise to handle the estate or the trust, given that Britney's estate is worth $40 million, encompasses 15 separate entities and is in the middle of a $17 million audit. Streisand had asked the court to instead name Northern Trust Bank and Spears' business manager Howard Grossman as co-conservators. Grossman, who hadn't yet handed over the financial information to Wallet because he didn't know if he was supposed to, said he would be "happy to help" his client and her family in any way.


No court docs, but again, Is that $40 million supposed to be part of the money outside her conservatorship that these reports suggest?

And then there is Adam Streisand.  Why was he replaced by Wallet, who allegedly had little experience (and as Britney's Gram pointed out, has a degree from a college that doesn't even exist anymore)?

WOW amazing job you've done there.


Adam Streisand words are very important, he is clear " Britney's estate is worth $40 million, encompasses 15 separate entities and is in the middle of a $17 million audit "  . In 2008 her estate is worth $40M and it includes everything .

Here we already know for sure that on those 15 entities at least 8 companies taken over by the conservatorship which made Jamie Spears as the president .

Britney Films LTD filed in 2001

Britney Bands Inc filed in 2003

Sweet Jamie Music Inc filed in 2003

One More Time Music Inc filed in 2003

Fairy Zone Production Inc filed in 2005

Britney Touring Inc filed in 2005

Spears management Inc filed in 2006


Bryan Spears and the lawyer Ivan Taback asked that all those companies be put under Britney's trust SJB Trust and therefore would have remained out of the control of the conservatorship , it was clearly refused by the judge Reva Goetz and all those companies ended in Jamie and Andrew hands, therefore they are part of the estate reports made to the court .

 The other Britney's companies i was able to trace were dissolved in 2010, it would suggest it was done by the conservators :

Britney Television LLC filed in 2000  dissolved the 05/20/2010

Britney On-line Inc filed in 2001 dissolved the  05/202010

We have there a record of 10 companies, we also know about the SJB trust that went under the control of Bryan and Ivan Taback, and the trust Love Shack Trust used to purchase the house went she married Kevin, Love Shack Trust was place under the conservatorship tho .

Based on Adam Streisand claims, we still miss 3 entities, and we need to see if those 3 entities were not also placed under the conservatorship, as of now the only 1 we know for sure is SJB Trust, a trust who transferred nearly $4M in 2008 into Britney account after she placed under the conservatorship 

15 entities

11 under the conservatorship

1 under Bryan Spears and co-trustee Ivan Taback

3 missing 

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3 hours ago, Meaner03 said:

You are not the only one, even based on court documents nothing is clears, the narrative sold is that she was nearly broke (lol) and they secured everything and made her estate increase . But when you add up the gross values of her contracts + the facts they were supposed to invest her money to get good returns it does not add up . Even if it increased, it did not the way it was supposed to or had the potential too .


Being granted the right to invest her money at her risk is such a f**kery, it opens the doors to the worse where it is so easy to say, sorry we lost money on this investment and millions can disappear like this .

1 hour ago, Thelionheart263 said:

Probably already posted, but the story made it to the New York Times. They talk about Breatheheavy and Jordan as well!


To be fair it's an extremely neutral article, almost skeptical... Don't think it will help our cause. :ehum:


Notably, there was a NYTimes article from February 2008 about the conservatorship's beginnings:

"In the Drama of Britney Spears, a Show Business Fortune Is at Risk"

"Britney Spears’s klieg-lighted meltdown sent her to the psychiatric ward twice, and left her long-divorced parents, her brother, and a SWAT team of lawyers and accountants grappling with how to protect her from predatory hangers-on, from the paparazzi who dog her every move and from her own erratic behavior.


Beyond the psychodrama being played out on tabloid covers, celebrity-news shows and gossip Web sites is another serious subject for the Spears family: how to protect the millions of dollars that Ms. Spears, 26, has amassed over a decade as one of America’s biggest pop music, merchandise and endorsement engines.


It’s impossible to say how much money she has. Published estimates of her net worth have varied wildly, up to $125 million. But one of her former financial advisers, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of his relationship with his client, estimated her current fortune at around $50 million.


That’s an enormous amount, but, as Michael Jackson proved, being a wealthy cultural phenomenon doesn’t make one impervious to financial disaster. Celebrities, like athletes, often have a small window to make their money, typically at a young age when they are probably not thinking about the future.


As a result, many child stars like Macaulay Culkin are dragged into family squabbles over money while others — too numerous to mention — end up looking to revive their careers long after the money has run out.

Ms. Spears will not run out of money anytime soon, but her longer-term prospects have taken a hit in the last year because of bizarre behavior — her public scenes, questionable parenting skills and a shaky comeback performance at the MTV Awards — and her tortured personal life after her divorce from Kevin Federline, formerly one of her backup dancers.


According to court documents, her everyday finances seem to have fallen into disrepair as well. A Feb. 14 court filing put it starkly: “Members of Britney’s household,” it said, “have been paying for her basic necessities, including medicine, food, and other day-to-day needs.”


On Feb. 1, the day after Ms. Spears was involuntarily admitted for treatment at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center, her estranged father, Jamie Spears, was named her co-conservator, giving him control over her treatment, security, visitors and daily life.


Mr. Spears is sharing oversight of her estate with an independent lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet, to dispel the notion that Ms. Spears’s parents were making a grab for their daughter’s fortune. With the court’s permission, they immediately fired her business manager.


Another team of lawyers was hired for the conservators and quickly set out to assess the financial damage. Yet another lawyer was appointed by the probate court, as is routine, to look out solely for Ms. Spears’s interests. Ms. Spears’s brother Bryan, along with a lawyer, were given control of her revocable trust, which contains all her liquid assets, so they could begin paying her bills. And Ms. Spears’s criminal lawyer, Blair Berk, was said to be overseeing the whole Humpty Dumpty-like effort.


All the independent lawyers aside, one cannot ignore money as a motivating factor as the estranged Spears parents joined forces. Since she first became a pop star in 1999 on the strength of her hit “Baby One More Time,” she has helped her father financially.


The earning power of her 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn, the star of “Zooey 101” on Nickelodeon, probably suffered in December when she announced her pregnancy, which also helped sink her mother’s deal to write a book on parenting.


What little light has been shed on Ms. Spears’s finances came last May, when part of an income statement surfaced in her divorce case. It put her average monthly earnings at more than $730,000, mainly from royalties, but said she earned only $13,000 a month from investments. (Her spending, including $102,000 a month for entertainment, gifts and vacation and $16,000 for clothes, was more eye-catching.)


The nature of her investments might be unclear as well. Accountants are trying to learn whether her money was moved into overly risky investment vehicles, whether any business deals need to be undone and whether her assets were outright looted. (Her father filed a report of grand theft, according to The Los Angeles Times, asserting that paintings, jewelry and other valuables had been stripped from her Beverly Hills home).

Though she is said to own large swaths of Louisiana timberland, Ms. Spears is not a real estate tycoon in the classic Hollywood sense: she owns a house in a gated hilltop community near Mulholland Drive but listed it for sale a year ago at an asking price of $7.5 million, scarcely more than the $7.2 million she paid for it.


She sold a house in Malibu last summer for $10 million after paying $6.9 million for it in 2004, and she unloaded her Lower Manhattan condominium for $4 million in 2006, after buying it for $3 million in 2002.


Ms. Spears’s career first began to sputter after her last major tour was cut short, nearly four years ago. Based on the strength of her first two albums, “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! I Did It Again,” she received nearly a $10 million advance for her 2003 album “In the Zone” and a net earning of $6.5 million after production costs, according to reports published after her prenuptial agreement was leaked.

By contrast, she was paid $4 million for “Blackout,” her latest album, according to people briefed on her affairs, but she probably took home only a fraction of that for the album, which was more than a year in the making. Ms. Spears’s label, Jive Records, continues to promote singles from “Blackout,” without her active participation. (The recording industry has much experience with artists who have become incapacitated or unavailable or dead.)


But digital music has been punishing for performers like Ms. Spears, one of the last to sell more than 10 million copies of an album before the shift to downloads. The first two “Blackout” singles, “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me,” have sold a combined 1.54 million copies through digital services like iTunes, but industry experts say Ms. Spears might collect only $150,000 from that source.


Compared with touring, albums are loss-leaders for pop stars of her magnitude. Ms. Spears’s five major tours have sold some $140 million in tickets, according to PollStar, a music industry service. Her take, after deducting costs for arena rentals, equipment, crew and all those backup dancers, is much smaller.


The real money is made not from ticket sales but from the sale of T-shirts, key chains, dolls and countless other Britney-branded goods.


“It’s a gray area nobody ever focuses on,” said Steve Lunt, who oversaw Ms. Spears’s musical endeavors as a vice president at Jive until 2006. But, he said, merchandise revenue could be as much as or more than her share of ticket proceeds. “And that’s unadulterated profit margin.”


At her peak, Ms. Spears earned well over $12 million for endorsing companies like Toyota, Nabisco, Kirin beer, Sketchers, Clairol and McDonald’s; $9 million was from Pepsi alone. And Ms. Spears still gets at least $2 million to $3 million a year from a perfume deal she signed with Elizabeth Arden in 2004. The company continues to build on what it has made worldwide from three Britney perfume lines. There is particularly strong demand for them in Dubai, the company says.


While some of these deals remain in place, it is hard to imagine a company seeking her endorsement now except for pure shock value.


For now, the people around Ms. Spears are occupied with more basic questions — about how she will live, rather than whether she might perform again. Lawyers and her parents are trying to find the appropriate middle ground between confining Ms. Spears physically and allowing her too much freedom for her own good.


This is not an easy balance to strike, said one expert on conservatorships for the infirm, Marc B. Hankin, who at one point represented Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. “With good social support and good pharmacologists, you can help people come back to life, and a lot of people will never come back without that,” he said.


If Ms. Spears regains her health — and her desire to tour — will there still be an opportunity?


A return would require corporate sponsors, who for the moment would be likely to shun Ms. Spears but who might come around, according to Mr. Lunt, the record executive.


“My gut feeling is people will still want to be associated with her,” he said. “Everyone thinks there’s going to be a comeback at some point. You could mention her name in Afghanistan, Israel, Greece or South Africa, and everyone knows who she is. You can’t buy that.”


The people around Ms. Spears say she is not so far gone as a star. “She’s not someone who can’t put the tools back together and function,” said one such person, who because of a relationship with Ms. Spears spoke on the condition of anonymity.


“Because we’re so incredibly fickle as a society, the perfect entertainment is someone who’s in the bottomless pit and rising again,” the person said. “If she’s together, fit, beautiful and on her game, it’ll be just printing money.”


So according to this report, her fortune at the time was speculated at $50 million.

Nevertheless, even though the intentions may have been constructive at the beginning of the conservatorship, her coming back more medicated in 2011 for Femme Fatale is still problematic. 

I mean she apparently would have had the same condition in 2009 for Circus and 2010 but was far more medicated the next year; I don't think fans are supposed to just ignore that.


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