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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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I thought Britney's grandma had received a worrying voicemail 

Do you guys remember that blind item from August last year?  This permanent A list "singer" is rebelling in one of the only ways she can. She has been refusing to take her medication which has

Her case is a public case in California's public records. Ever since the beginning she has tried according to these official records to fight the conservatorship at least 7 times, but was denied by th

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7 hours ago, HuffingAndPuffingOnStage said:

I posted this on the other thread but figured I should post it here too

I don't know how they're doing it, but they're censoring people's instagram comments. I commented #FREEBRITNEY and got over 400 likes and now my comment is still there but all the likes are gone and there's no text...

I see other comments that said Free Britney also have the text removed now...

super weird I've never heard of people having the ability to remove likes or change the content of other people's comments

they deleted my freebritney comment altogether. wtf is this??? I am so confused..

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It’s really a shame she set the bar so high for herself. Literally no one can live up to those standards forever and it must be so frustrating to have fans constantly comparing you to that instead of appreciating the here and now. Accept her for how she is and move on. Her peak is so high that no one, not even Britney can top it and that’s ok. 

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Might I freak ya out, 'magine if I work ya out 😛

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58 minutes ago, colormefresh said:

No. She was on Adderall and Redbull and very rebellious.

We might get M&M Tour, though :ohi:

If she had the fluidity in her moves today that she had during the M&MT, we wouldn’t be able to complain much. Even then, she made dancing look effortlessly **** :bedtime:

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Might I freak ya out, 'magine if I work ya out 😛

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Recap for pages 1050-1100


This particular gif of Britney in 2014 becomes popular through pages 1050 and 1051.



The Blast edited out their previous article on Britney as spotted by Pfefferminz. This shows that The Blast and her team finds it hard to keep up with what narrative they were working on.



Discussions about the Billboard Music Awards are very prominent in page 1052 and 1053. They talk about Taylor Swift's new single 'Me!', Madonna performing, Jennifer Lopez, BTS and Mariah Carey receiving the icon award. Some Mariah memes follow the succesung pages, for example, ones like this:



The thread seemed to have slowly morphed into a BBMAs thread for a while till page 1055.

On page 1054, Meaner03 reveals a seminar event or course about the conservatorship linked with Andrew Wallet and Britney's previous corrupt attorney Reva Goetz: https://www.bhba.org/intus/event3/signup.asp?event_id=2530. Everyone is shocked that they would build up a business from this issue. A lot of hate comments at Reva Goetz are thrown around.



Amidst all this, Nels64, Dream With In A Dream and Shadow2003 indulge in a conversation about Sam's feet, with some chipping in it caliing them "gross". Some thirst comments about Brendon Urie also emerges along. Amd we go back to the BBMAs discussion again. The next 3 pages also are encapsulated by the Billboard Music Awards. The main topic was Mariah Carey and her speech and performance when she received the Icon Award. A lot of Mariah appreciation comes into play. Then comes discussions about Madonna's and Maluma's performance of 'Medellin' with the use of holograms...this is not a BBMAs recap post so I'll stop now.

Meaner03 and Applejack provide a list of expenses of Britney's team, which includes the Altara Tours, 1.3 million worth house of Andrew Wallet, 3 million worth house of Larry etc and cites the Piece Of Me Residency as the main income.

On pages 1060, 1061 and 1062, a clear cut analysis of the production of the Piece Of Me Residency is evalutaed. Everyone trashes the show for its production and blames it for milking the fan's worth amd money. The Femme Fatale Tour gets a little oraise for its production being better than the Vegas show, which is called a "cheap mess". The watered down choreography, the low quality costumes and recycled and scrapped props were the first disdains to come up when everyone talked about the show.

The Gram girls finally return to post on Instagram about the #freebritney rally on May 10th at Stanley Mosk Courthouse.



Even for wvery unnecessary matter, on a page range from 1058-1063, most seem to accompany their posts with this gif from Madonna's performance at the BBMAs:



On page 1061, Kiey comes forward with his claims that Britney is not held against her will and that the fans are acting crazy and are obsessed. He receives many downvotes as he points out that most of Jamie Lynn's posts where a GTFO to Britney fans. IndieBritFan retaliates with claiming that most of Jamie Lynn's posts scream Lou Taylor. He cintinues to oppress the movement by blatantly ignoring the evidences collected over 1000 pages and calling everyone who spoke up, including LaChapelle an outsider and no ome personal.

Through page 1062-1065, everyone talks about their views on what will happen on May 10th at the hearing. Most people are neutral and open minded towards the hearing and does not expect anything big to happen. Others discuss about Brenda and if she will be corrupt like Reva. Brenda has a clean record and is a new judge, so some suggest there's no need to think negatively. The fact that Britney doesn't have to be present at the hearing turns many expectations off. 

But the majority of the opinions raised where that the conservatorship will not end on May 10th.

David LaChapelle continues his moves on Instagram, this time responding to a comment. Credits to Applejack for providing the picture on page on 1067.



Exhale discusses about this and how courageous David is to speak up on her management like that.

On page 1070, Meaner03 conducts a small background check on Brenda J. Penny, the judge on May 10th. Here's a small excerpt of Brenda J Penny for Black Women Lawyers Association of LA:


Brenda J Penny for Black Women Lawyers Association of LA


I joined BWL in mid-1983 and served as President of BWL from 1991-1992. Later, I served as President of BWL Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1992 during my presidency. During my term, the killing of La Tasha Harlins and the controversial sentencing of her killer in 1991 required action by BWL. Our voice was heard throughout the community about the important issues raised in this case.The verdict in the Rodney King beating resulted in the civil unrest of April 1992. During this period, we provided a multitude of services to our City and our Community.


 The events of 1991-92 also provided BWL with the opportunity to forge new relationships with other organizations as we continued to build on existing relationships. Initially, I was in private practice. In 1997 I joined the Court as a Probate Attorney and later became the Assistant Supervising Probate Attorney. In July 2014, was elected to be a Court Commissioner. I continue to be a member of BWL through which I established numerous lifelong friendships.

Anthony Steven, the guy on Twitter who has a personal relationship with Felicia and a rumored relation with Lynne, cliams that her family cares about Britney, except Jamie. According to him, Jamie, Robyn and Lou has "got to go". 



On page 1071, some members talk about Will.i.am and his works, specifically Scream & Shout, which is called dated now and Work *****. Lostinanimage, PokemonSpears and Nels64 comments on this. Body Ache is also pitched in the conversation thanks to Dayvindazone.

On page 1072 is the recap for pages 1000-1050. Those who could not keep with anything in that page range, refer the spoiler below:

On 5/3/2019 at 3:51 AM, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

Recap for pages 1000-1050


Celebrations of page 1000 continues on pages 1001 and 1002. 

On page 1003, Ifuseekamy- embeds a tweet by Joseph Kahn where he claims he has no intel about the matter as he "hasn't worked with Britney in a very long time".

  Reveal hidden contents


Joseph is spoken upon negatively in exhale, many pointing out that he worked with her in Perfume and since it has a very controversial plot, he definitely knows something's up.

Among the many google drive documents send to many media outlets, OK magazine responds to the one send by COCKy.

  Reveal hidden contents


Some Katy Perry hate comes into play on this page out of nowhere, mostly aimed at her "non-existent" fan base, fueled by our one and only Shrekney.

On page 1004, Harajukugyal posts that Jordan finally leaked Crucify Me. Quick link: https://youtu.be/n4VmermCL1c

  Reveal hidden contents



On page 1005, news of Britney being spotted again is talked about, where she is "on the phone will driving".

  Reveal hidden contents


This is just dismissed as a desperate attempt by her team to show that she can drive and she can have a smartphone. On the same page, some appreciation for Meaner03 and Lilhennythings go around. The picture and her bodyguard is the main discussion over the next 5 pages.

Also, the thread goes a bit cuckoo as they stray of topic to discuss about Skinny Legend Mariah and how thin she is for 2 whole pages.

  Reveal hidden contents


There are a lot of Mariah memes if you go back to pages 1010 and 1011, for example creative ones like this: 

  Reveal hidden contents


Midway through page 1013, Exhale goes down as the site is getting a a little "me time :)" for a software upgrade. Many jokes are made on it, such as "it went to a wellness facility".

At the same time a different thread about Larry doing the ice bucket challenge gets merged, adding 2 extra oages out of nowhere.

Meaner03 provides documents to show that the same address is used and listed for many if Jamie's companies and Calvary Chapel Brentwood is located:

  Reveal hidden contents

On this site you can see all the companies at the adress 11 music circle south .


This adress is used and listed for a lot of Jamies' companies, it is also where you can find Loucifer comany office and Calvary Chapel Brentwood(for mailing) where her husband is a Pastor . No traces of any Jamie's companies, not even adressed for mailing or anything .

Jamie, where are Atara Tours Inc, Bellatori Tours Inc, Domestic Relations LLC, Brandcasting Unlimited LLC, White Transport LLC, Britney Films LTD, Spears Management INC? to name a few...



An Instagram video shows that Britney was actually parked while on the phone and not driving, contradictory to the release by The Blast.

  Reveal hidden contents


MTV posts a tweet about Sometimes's 20th anniversary:

  Reveal hidden contents


I don't know why I'm including this but it feels like it deserved to be on this recap:

Credits to Overprotectedd

  Reveal hidden contents


Another thread about a My Prerogative performance from the tv show World Of Dance is merged into this thread, adding a few more pages. Everyone complains about vaguely related stuff being merged into the thread.

Ryan999, equipped with his new avi of a picture of Larry constantly makes jokes where he acts as Larry which is well appreciated. He later changes his username to RealLarryRudolph.

On pages 1020-1023, Nothing interesting comes up for the next few pages. Many people lash out at Gary, the guy who wrote The Blast article on Instagram which firces him to make his account private. Later, exhalers move on to Twitter as Dark.Knight exposes his account.

Wonder shuts up every hater and oppresser of the movement through one post:

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After going through pages and pages of this thread and seeing the naysayers comments @cheesebrits @colormefresh etc, I can only ask them this. If there's absolutely nothing wrong with the conservatorship, a legal investigation shouldn't be a problem right? What are you afraid of?

You should just sit there patiently and wait for the announcement that you are 100% correct instead of spending your hours here. :) 

Just because the documents are sealed doesn't mean we cannot question it if there are evidence that something is amiss. Because I can predict that you will ask me wHaT evIDeNcE!? as you have done the others, I will already rename some to refresh your memory even though people have been mentioning them repeatedly in this 1000+ paged thread:

  • Her mother, friends, workmates supporting the #freebritney movement
  •  Britney herself wanting to get out of the conservatorship (filing cases, mentioning it)
  • Britney losing the capacity to choose her own legal defense vs someone like Ted Bundy is given the liberty to do so
  • The inconsistency that she is denied basic human rights while forced to do extraordinary, stressful things such as tours and residency
  • Her team being so controlling and even censoring her
  • The judge that previously handled the case (not Queen Brenda) was known for being corrupt
  • Donations to Mercy Ministries which is anti-LGBTQ and handled by Lou Taylor and her husband
  • Inconsistencies in Team B's announcements and press releases (Jamie's illness as reason for cancelling Domination, etc.)
  • Britney's confirmation that the movement is helping her case (via Anthony and Fe)

These and many more are reasons why people have questioned the conservatorship. Now that it is under the public eye, more inconsistencies are coming to light. If we are able to prove that nothing is absolutely wrong with this set-up, then good for everybody. But what if something is wrong? That's why we are talking about it. This doesn't mean we don't believe she has any mental disorder. She may or may not have it. It's the circumstances surrounding it that's questionable.

But I must admit, one good thing you guys contribute is that you force people to strengthen their arguments. :cardi: That would probably suck if you were actually Team B. :hiii:


Meaner03 continues his good work through telling us more about Dr.Spar and his involvement in the issue, this time also joined by Ifuseekamy-

  Reveal hidden contents





A backup dancer from Femme Fatale tour liked a #freebritney comment.

On page 1025 and 1026, people discussed about Hillary Clinton and would tweeting her help the cause. Many disagree as they see politics as not a good field to drag into the issue.

Some appreciation for the newly revived Brinth Spreas show by Nickney on Youtube goes around page 1027. This was actually a seperate thread merged.

On page 1029 was my recap for 950-1000. If you couldn't keep up, I suggest looking up this thread.

David LaChapelle continues his fight against Larry on Instagram, now replying to comments:

The discussion on will.i.am and him liking the post is reignited on page 1034.

Nothing prominent happens between pages 1029 an 1035.

On page 1035, The Blast publishes a new article. Quick link: https://theblast.com/britney-spears-normal-life-working-treatment-home/

  Reveal hidden contents

Britney Spears is leaps and bounds from where she emotionally was weeks ago, and although she is not out of the woods yet, the singer is getting back to her normal routine.


For weeks, a grassroots movement has been accusing Spears’ team of holding the “Womanizer” singer against her will, but after being seen around town multiple times since checking out of her treatment facility, she appears to be enjoying her freedom.


A source on Spears’ team tells The Blast, “Well, she’s certainly out driving and living her life, which is what all of these people who don’t understand anything about what’s going on with her have been arguing she’s not able to do.


” While living her life, Spears has been running errands near her home in Thousand Oaks, and also driving around with a chaperone.


After The Blast posted photos of Spears driving and appearing to talk on a cellphone, our source admitted it wasn’t the best move, but quipped, “Well, isn’t that what A LOT of normal people do on a daily basis, unfortunately?


”The point being made from Spears’ team is that she is living a normal life just like anybody else, and those close to the singer are not giving in to the pressure from the outside critics.


While returning to normal life, we’re told Spears will continue to work on her treatment with doctors, but will be able to manage her health while getting back to a regular schedule.


Spears said as much herself the other week when she filmed a video letting her fans know to chill out. Perhaps just as important as her mental health, is the team of people who have been running the conservatorship for the star since 2008.


A judge recently set a hearing for a status update next month, and everything will be presented to the court to allow decisions for the future to continue to be in Spears’ best interest.

A source on Spears’ team tells The Blast, “Well, she’s certainly out driving and living her life, which is what all of these people who don’t understand anything about what’s going on with her have been arguing she’s not able to do.”

Us weekly publishes a new issue with Britney on the cover.

  Reveal hidden contents

It was compared to another issue from 2006


Both the articles are seen as damage controls. They are immediately dismissed with negative reactions.

Sam Lutfi composes a tweet about Britney and Jordan, which receives reactions of surprise from exhale:

  Reveal hidden contents


Jordan keeps silent about all this for 2 pages until he respomded with this gif

  Reveal hidden contents


New blind item leaks as the message spreads on page 1041.

  Reveal hidden contents


After a long indefinite hiatus, Dayvindazone comes through with his thirst comments about Sam Lutfi and his D on oage 1047, which is supported by Shadow2003. Sam Asghari gets thrown into the mix as well. Many people talk about how he should work out his legs more but others come to his defence calling him a "greek god".

Another article, this time from Radar Online. Quick link: https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/05/britney-spears-tell-all-interview-denied-parents-lynne-spears-jamie-spears/

  Reveal hidden contents

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Britney Spears parents are trying their best to protect her, but the “Toxic” singer isn’t having it!


“Things are getting tense between Britney and Lynne right now,” a source revealed.


“ The reason? “Britney wants to do an interview because she knows her fans are so worried but she’s up against opposition due to the fact that every interview she’s done after a meltdown is always a hot mess,” said the source.


While Spears’ father, Jamie, is her conservator and always has kept a tight leash on his 37-year-old daughter, this time it’s her mom who’s creating the most waves.


“Lynne literally shut her down on an interview and also is talking to Britney like she’s a little kid,” noted the source, noting Spears’ mom “is up her *** 24/7.”


As Radar reported, Spears is currently undergoing intensive outpatient treatment following her recent release from a 30-day stay at a mental health facility, where she had checked into in order to stabilize her medication and cope with her father Jamie’s deteriorating health.


“Britney knows if she doesn’t follow the rules she could lose the progress she’s made,” said the source, adding, “Britney just wants her mom to leave her alone and the more Lynne pulls the more Britney pushes.”

Radar Online seemed to have gone rogue as they were a bit different this time around. Most people are suspicious of the content as they doubt if Radar Online were trying to portray as crazy. It seemed that they were taking a dig at Lynne though, as most people cited.

The Blast edits out their stories as spotted by Pfefferminz:

  Reveal hidden contents



The thread hits 1050 pages.


Thank You and I'm extremely sorry for being late.


On page 1073, Meaner03 posts about Samuel D Ingham (Britney's appointed counsel) role as Casey Kasem appointed counsel during his conservatorship that led to his death. it raises concern about Britney's case among many members. Enclosed in the spoiler below is 2 of his posts about Samuel association in the case:


Cross Defendant Samuel Ingham was sued as a Doe Defendant in Jeannie Kasem's Cross-Complaint . Cross-Complainants eventually learned that Ingham was working hand in glove with Kerri Kasem and Troy Martin's scheme to seize control of Casey Kasem and acquire his estate.
Ingham' Special Motion to Strike Cross Complaint argues in large part that he is immune from liability because he was Casey Kasem's court appointed PVP counsel .
 This raises the question : was Ingham actually working in behalf of Mr. Kasem ?

A deposition of Kerri Kasem's attorney Troy Martin is necessary to shed light on the nature and subject of Ingham's communication with Troy Martin and the rest of Keri Kasem's legal team, and the degree to which Mr. Ingham betrayed his duty to advocate for Mr Kasem by conspiring with Mr Martin and Kerri Kasem to seize control of Casey Kasem along with Jeannie and Casey's finances and estate.
That scheme ultimately resulted in Mr. Kasem's untimely death, and is the source of all tortious activity alleged in the Cross-Complaint .

Cross-Defendant Samuel D. Ingham ("Ingham") was appointed as PVP Attorney on behalf of Casey Kasem ("Casey") during Kerri Kasem's ("Kerri's") first unsuccessful scheme to obtain conservatorship in 2013, and was discharged from that duty on January 14, 2014 after the first conservatorship attempt was denied for lack of good cause and with prejudice.

Ingham collaborated closely and extensively with Martin throughout the entire conservatorship action brought by Martin on behalf of Kerri. Ingham discussed strategy with Martin, gave him advice and edited his pleading; all while repeatedly expressing opposition bordering on hostility to Jeannie.
He provided Martin, along with Kerri's other representatives, far greater access and deference than he did Jeannie's counsel .

4) Martin email Ingham again, expressing concern that Jeannie planned to take Casey out of state, followed by another email at 6:08 PM asking "Sam, is there any way we can get a judge to issue an emergency order?"
5) On May 13, Ingham emailed the LA Superior Court -  apparently on Martin's behalf asking "Troy Martin is apparentlu having some trouble walking throught the order from  yesterday.  Any suggestion on the way to get this done ?"

 8) On May 15, Ingham sent Martin an email detailing his planned strategy for giving control over Casey. Martin replied "This is perfect"
11) On May 20, The pair exchange a series of emails discussing joint strategy regarding medical record and expert opinion, in which Ingham told Martin "I think it is advantageous to have Dr  Trader be the authoritative neutral source rather than have them appear as "your evidence"

 (guys get ready for Ingham response cuz it shows what type of monster he is)
13) ..... On June 10 , stating that when the hospital put Casey back on nutrition and hydration, " his lungs start(ed) filing up with liquid and he had a very difficult time breathing, so they reversed course. At this point it looks like providing hydration and nutrition would only result in cause Mr. Kasem to die more quickly and with much less comfort"
 Ingham responded enthusiasticaly to this tragic news: "Scott, this is great."



All of this comes from court documents, now y'all know what type of persone is this dear Samuel D Ingham, the man who made sure that Britney could not hire a lawyer to fight the c-ship . The whole court report is disgusting, a shame and it is just another reason to be scared for Britney well being .


May 9, 2014, the scheme to appoint a Guardian of Casey to defraud him and his wife out of millions of dollars, was already being planned behind-the-scenes between Ingham and Martin. PVP attorney Sam Ingham wrote an email to opposing counsel Troy Martin, “I am in the process of preparing a report that will recommend your Petition for Temporary be granted.” This email communication and conspiracy with opposing counsel was three days prior to the first hearing on the second corrupt Guardianship of Casey Kasem.

Ingham continued to work with opposing counsel Martin to hire an attorney in Washington State to export and register the “temporary” Guardianship papers that were fraudulently obtained in Los Angeles.

Ingham found Washington attorney Scott Winship and told him that if he joined them, he could invoice his legal fees against Casey’s estate when he is dead.

May 23, 2014, as the attorneys were plotting how to seize control of Casey for illicit financial gain, Ingham wrote an email to Winship, “Thanks, Scott. My only concern is: if Casey goes to the doctor’s office for evaluation, where’s the justification to take him anywhere but back to Jean when he’s done?”

May 24, 2014, Winship emailed Ingham and Martin, stating, to take him to St Anthony Hospital, “would likely be the end game for Jean, as Mr. Kasem would then be out of her control.”
After Casey was medically cleared to return back to his wife, Winship emailed Ingham and Martin, “I don’t know if we can avoid having Mr. Kasem returned to Chez Hume in Silverdale. I could ask that St Anthony keep him another day for observation, but I don’t think there is a medical basis for doing so”

June 6-7, 2014, late Friday night, with no courts open, Jeannie and Liberty were called to St Anthony Hospital and shockingly informed by Nurse John Reeder that the Kasem sisters [using their nullified 2007 UPS DPA] unilaterally instructed the hospital to withhold all of Casey’s hydration, nutrition and proactive medical care to kill him. Jeannie and Liberty were only permitted 5 minutes each to say goodbye and never saw Casey alive again.

June 8, 2014, Jeannie immediately flew to Los Angeles to urgently reinstate Casey’s food, water and medical care. Her emergency Motion was granted on June 9, 2014 and Ingham was ordered to fly to Washington. He never did.

PVP Ingham emailed St Anthony Hospital, pretending to implement the Los Angeles court order, while he was working behind-the-scenes with opposing counsel Troy Martin, co-drafting their Motion to Vacate the Reinstatement Order that Jeannie obtained, which was vacated by Ingham and Martin on June 11, 2014.

June 13, 2014, Jeannie filed a Writ of Mandamus appealing. She fought to save her husband’s life.

Casey was pronounced dead that weekend.

June 16, 2014, an autopsy was conducted by Dr. Eric Kiesel, consulting with Dr. Michael Baden, who have both requested law enforcement intervention. Casey’s Manner of Death is listed on his Washington State death certificate as UNDETERMINED, which is suggestive of a Homicide.

Gig Harbor Police Chief, Kelly Busey, confirmed to the media that a murder investigation into the death of the beloved radio star was opened on October 29, 2018.


The full report is scary as **** (Scientology is also part of this mess) if you want to read it all




Conclusion :   Britney's PVP counsel is concerned by a murder investigation where he served as a PVP counsel for the victim.

Shadow2003 and Nels64 talk about Marina's new album for a while and their favourite tracks from it. 

Everyone goes full on discussion mode as Meaner03, Chrisryan and Lilhennythings research more and more about James Parnell Spears and Lou Mary Taylor. They find that Britney's childhood home is somehow linked towards Tristar company, which is managed by Lou. They search for more and more documents as these posts eclipse pages till 1079. This is about a property found undr Jamie's records:


so started to look on the property @chrisryan that he found on Jamie records , here is what i found so far, and it need to be investigated more if possible .

The Home : 12094 Summit Cir. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Britney does not live anymore so it's not a problem to post the adress)

Purchased in 2007 by The Love Shack Trust (Britney and Kevin trust) for $6,750,000.00

Sold in 2012 to Freedom Trust (i couldn't find a damn information on this trust) for $2,126,500.00 ( fewwwww the loss....)

It was then sold to JACKSON HOLE TRUST COMPANY TR but i couldn't find for how much which is frustrating because it is really important to understand the loss of $4M . Especially when you see that the is house is actually valued at $8M .


The other shady part on this , is that like @chrisryan said it on Jamie's records this house is listed as a placed he owned, how the **** was it possible ? even under the c-ship what's Britney's remains Britney's unless she bought it from her .

We would need to know who hides behind Freedom Trust and how much did they sale the house 2 years later .


On page 1079, Iggy Azalea is talked about and how her friendship with Britney was fake and all promotion oriented.

Justhanging brings out to our notice that singer Mindy White supported the movement on Twitter:



On page 1080, Goneforever brings up the discussion on Andre Fuentes, Britney's ex-choreographer who died around 2015/2016 times. Everyone agrees that if he was alive, he would have supported the movement and spoken up way sooner.

Many vaguely related threads gets merged inti this one at this point, as evident in very unrelated posts surrounding page 1081-1084. Many old posts are pushed up as many new ones are displaced due to this.

Also merged among this is a thread on Netfix and if we should promote them to include For The Record into their site just so that more people can become aware of Britney's issue, with the new oncoming of Beyonce's and Gaga's documentaries, made by Sibode. Many exhakers retaliate on this issue by citing that this would only mean more money in Team B's pockets.

Colormefresh makes a return on page 1082. He appears to be unaware of Samuel D. Ingham, one of the most talked about people in this thread. Everyone is quick to react at the fact that he hasn't read or kept up with most of the important points of the thread. Nevertheless he continues to oppose the receipts collected over 1000 pages.

On pages 1085-1088, many discuss over whether Britney will be in control over her next album or not. Dayvindazone brings up pirating as an option to listen to her new music and not give her team money. Everyone supports a return of Controlney but they don't know if she will infact make a return.

As nothing interesting goes on, The Bajan Vibe brings up the topic of Britney's bellybutton in an Instagram video and how it looks unusual:



As discussions on the Netflix documentary continue, Goku points out that Radical Media owns the right to For The Record and Netflix simply cannot buy it.

Another thread by Zone about not supporting Britney's music during this time gets merged into this thread only to create more fuss among posts and members on oage 1087. Many brings up the point that not supporting her music might not be the right move to follow at the time. This gets talked about until page 1091. 

Nels64 tries to ruffle some feathers in Lou's case when he messaged her company Tristar this:



Goneforever quotes a Rolling Stone article on Britney. Quick link: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/behind-the-britney-story-a-conversation-with-writer-jenny-eliscu-68829/


Behind the Britney Story: A Conversation With Writer Jenny Eliscu

You’ve heard her quote from the documentary Britney: For the Record about how she feels like a prisoner. Did you get that vibe from her?
The thing is, when I met with her, I wasn’t looking for that. I had started to feel uncomfortable with all the restrictions, like submitting my questions for approval and not being left alone with her. And whenever I asked who was making these rules, I was told it had to do with the conservatorship. Like most people, I didn’t know much about conservatorships or how they’re supposed to work. Of course, the funny coincidence is that the most famous conservatorship in recent years isn’t even Britney’s: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were being run by a government conservatorship. And we see how brilliantly that turned out.

Anyway, I had done some preliminary research into it, but I was not yet aware how hard Britney had tried to fight it initially and why. As my research progressed, it started to become clear to me that this might not be something that should still be in place. Because it is designed, ideally, to protect people who are seriously ill. We’re talking about people who are non compos mentis, according to the lawyers I consulted. Or they’re in a vegetative state. Or they’re just so old that they can’t take care of themselves anymore. But Britney? It was making less and less sense as time went on.

So, as I say, it wasn’t until after my last meeting with her that I realized how far beyond the scope of my interview this level of control extended into all facets of her life. And so, unfortunately, I wasn’t, like, checking to see if she blinked out an S.O.S. code or whatever. But in hindsight, I did have a new understanding of the quote of hers at the end of the story, which is the last thing she said to me, in the context of being interviewed. She was describing this song she wrote about artistic expression and masquerade — pretending to be other people and putting on shows. And she says, “Through this, you create your world.” The song is about a girl who likes to live in a world of make-believe, and she’s got all these people trying to come into her world that she didn’t invite in. It’s pretty telling. When you think about it, Britney Spears is an artist — a pop artist, in the truest sense — and sometimes artists do crazy things. I’m not sure why Britney isn’t allowed to act out in the ways that we normally consider acceptable from artists. And we’re guilty too because we created this Britney Spears character and we won’t let her change.

Goku embeds one of Jamie Lynn's Instagram posts about a conversation with Lou:



On page 1095, Anitta Elusive Chanteuse posts a site that shows that the conservatee has the right to fight ght against the conservatorship through a public jury. Quick link: https://www.occourts.org/self-help/probate/conservatorship/. But the catch is, as pointed out by Ifuseekamy-, it says if the conservatee doesn’t have the ability to understand or give an opinion, a lawyer will be appointed to represent them. This is exactly what happened to Britney as her lawyer testified in court that she had no capacity to make the decision to hire her own lawyer or understand the proceedings going on in her court case.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a thread about how Britney was as a stepmom gets merged into a thread agout freeing Britney from the conservatorship, adding more mess to the posts as unrelated ones are pushed up while important ones are displaced around page 1095-1097. 

On page 1096, Meaner03 publishes screenshots of the court documents regarding Samuel D. Ingham. Enclosed below is his complete post:


So here are the screenshot coming from the court document .

Samuel D Ingham is concerned by an investigation for homicide on Casey Kasem . Samuel D Ingham was appointed by the court as his counsel, his role was to make sure that under Kerri's c-ship Casey was treated well and not in danger .  But Those courts documents show how Samuel D Ingham worked hand in hand with Kerri and Troy Martin (Instead of Jeanie and Casey)  to take control over Casey Kasem fortune, this c-ship ended with the death of Casey Kasem that is now investigated for homicide, Samuel D Ingham has not denied those allegations, he is just trying to hide behind the immunity his PVP (appointed attorney) role gives him .

The investigation showed how Samuel D Ingham , Kerri Kasem and Troy Martin first comploted to take over Casey Kasem fortune under the c-ship and then how they wanted him to die as quickly as possible 

Reminder : Samuel D Ingham is Britney spears' appointed attorney. He is the one who argued in 2008 that Britney does not have the capacity to hire the attorney of her choice and therefore he should remain her attorney . Courts documents show that he made more than $400K in 2008 for being her appointed attorney .

Link for court documents : https://radaronline.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/casey-kasem-death-investigation-widow-claims-scientologist-cash-grab-fortune-doc.pdf 

Link for a recap of the investigation : https://mediaoneentertainment.com/breaking-news-racketeering-attorneys-exposed-in-casey-kasems-murder-investigation/?fbclid=IwAR2fAV67Z5AZlMJ_txiNODadcqWtdGPcxiQq0mBX2CXE2DZY7JDARIUJNh4  











Meaner03, oh the very next page, also provides a link which shows her 5150 hospitalisation was pre planned. Quick link: https://edition.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/Music/01/31/britney.spears/index.html


It was the second hospitalization for Spears this month. The police operation was planned far in advance and, according to the L.A. Times, followed a phone call to police from Spears' psychiatrist.


 **** was all planned. She did not end in c-ship because she was 5150ed (and diagnosticated) She was 5150ed twice so she could be under their c-ship .

1st 5150 at cedar sinai (correct me if i'm wrong) One day and then leaves, doctor says can't keep her against her will

2nd 5150 at stewart and lynda resnick neuropsychiatric hospital , this time she is forced to stay.

Guess who works at stewart and lynda resnick neuropsychiatric hospital ? our dear Dr James E. Spar

This revelation makes everyone furious towards her team as it is described as "pure evil" by some members. Ever talked about it for the succesing 2 pages.

Page 1099 is all about Brenda Joan and Britney Jean jokes, which surprisingly hadn't been talked about for almost 50 pages. Many make fun of the album as usual. For example, this was one of the jokes:



The thread hits 1100 pages as the leftover jokes from the previous page continue.


Thank You and have a nice day! Hope I helped:bigkiss:


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1 hour ago, LoveIsAStateOfGrace said:

This shoot. These pics. That video. No.

If any of you spend your coins on supporting any attempt at a comeback you are part of the problem.

From this point on, I am no longer streaming or buying her music, buying tickets to see her live or buying merch. Illegal downloads if she brings out new music but honestly at this point I would rather she retired than this mess. It is too sad to watch.

Maybe retirement is the only thing that's going to set her free. I mean let's face it they exhausted the legacy stuff with Piece of Me. People already weren't here for Domination so interest from the GP was already starting to decline. If she stops working and the coins stop rolling in maybe they'll finally let her be free and she can start to do stuff on her own terms.

This. Couldn't agree more.

Fans have to realize that if they keep funding this whole business set up around milking Britney they are complicit to what is going on. We love Britney and support her. Not those that exploit her.

I haven't logged in here for ages. But this conservatorship **** going on for more than a decade makes me want to puke:nyschool:

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Just now, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

Hey guys! Just completed my recap for pages 1050-1100 on the recap thread. But for ease, I'll just quote it on here. So for all those who finds it difficult to keep up with the thread, here goes:


For some weird reason, my quoted post only shows up till the second spoiler :umomg: Can anyone explain why :receipts2:

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9 hours ago, Urbanney said:

B.o.B. lost his credibility when he said the earth was flat

I don't know about the other stuff he has said but I wouldn't overlook Flat Earth. Truth in plane sight is real. With a lot of BS. Watch a real documentary about it. It will get you thinking.... The debunking ones are full of lies and concepts that Flat Earthers do not believe to discredit the truth. ODD Reality. GlobeBusters. Jeranism. To name a few. Actually watch a real documentary of why people believe it to be a flat stationary plane and not a globe. It's really interesting.

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