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David lachapelle says he didn’t direct the “make me” music video

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4 minutes ago, Cuteney said:

He probably means that he doesn't want to acknowledge it, or that he s not responsible of the final product that doesn't fit with his original vision :truthtea:

Maybe it was Britney’s vision and it messed up whatever it was he was trying to do? 

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25 minutes ago, Britneybabyx said:

 He commented in the comments of a fan account: 


tbh its kinda weird i mean maybe they had a feud on the set and he’s still mad about it? There’s a video on youtube somewhere at the set of make me where Britney is possibly  shouting at someone

what :waitwhat::girlwhat: what is going on with that stupid Make Me video... :umsaywhat: They all should already tell the truth... tell us fans what happened... :beynah: They only love to take our money :beynah: But they never care to inform us, and tell us the truth :ineedthetruth:



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25 minutes ago, LivingLegendaryBritney said:

Maybe there's a different edit of the video and that's what hes referring to? Idk.. Maybe it was a joint project and we only knew David was part of it? Maybe hes just bitter since it never happened, so many questions... Everything regarding this video is such a mystery 

and I thought that when the video leaks, every question about Make Me would be solved, and the mystery would end


and now after seeing it I have more questions that answers 


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My (orange orangu :orangu: ) theory is: Team B wanted too many changes after this cut to the point where he got mad and refused to continue further work OR letting someone else edit his original footage (Hence the timestamp on G-Eazy scenes in the re-shot version because he wouldn't let them use raw footage, they only had this cut). It's been said before for sure, I think it makes sense.

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