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Genuine Question: Does anyone else feel like Britneys Team...

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Are almost sabotaging her?


its like they don’t *want* her to do crazy well anymore? 

With the leaking info of her being in hospital (if she is) 

the Make Me video leak? 2 singles only released from the last two albums? 

No real promotion done for Glory when the album alone is f**king fierce and some of her best in years?


it just doesn’t seem like they want to actually see her do well? 


Maybe its just me but I feel she needs a team that want her to do incredible, to do the promo to get her the **** she deserves as her status as Princess of Pop



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I think its a combination of all involved. 

Britney doesnt want to promote as much (although she promoted glory here and there but only lasted for a week) She gave up easily.

Larry is not up to the standards of the market anymore. He needs to upgrade his skills.

Her team is full of scumbags, termites and lazy ***.

Randee Mess is involed throughout glory. Her bright light blinded the general public.

No stylist. No glam team. Nothing at all. Not to mention brits plastic surgery mess.

Her label put her on 'not-so-priority' type of artist. 


I dont buy the idea of her team foesnt want her to succeed..

Shes a business. And business either creates or loses money. And her team and record label invested in her and therefore expecting profit from her record (if and only if she get a hit and be successful)

Sabotage is too much to say. I dont agree they are sabotaging her but rather bad choices and decisions from all of them affected her career big time. 

In the past decade too many mistakes are done and too many opportunities are mishandled. But still they cant use those mistakes to make a more cohesive and successful era. (Seems like they cant even learn from it)

I hope this time around they can work it out and go figure how to make her career afloat again.

...just saying




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I think her team is continuously living in the early years Britney/nostalgia times.

They think her name and her name alone will sell but that’s just not the case.

With “Glory” she had an amazing piece of work. Had that album been promoted properly with amazing music videos and singles, I think it would have done well. The whole MM music video debacle got the entire era started the wrong way. You could tell Britney really felt passionate about this album from the way she would talk about it. Total missed opportunity but oh well, **** happens.

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Why invest in an artist that does need it .


its the product lifecycle ... 


she makes more money now off other things why invest in her music career ..


you guys still dont get Britney, from the beginning she said she didn’t like fame, doesn’t like interviews and hates touring ... 


she probably considers herself now the most successful she’s ever been because she doesn’t have to work that hard . It’s like the iPhone . It’s established . It doesn’t need that much marketing . 


Get over the idea that only a number 1 song defines success . 


Britney does not want to be on the cover of magazine and have millions of streams . She just wants to perform and live a normal life ...


also so why do we never talk about male artists , where is Justin Timberlake , usher etc

Lastly if glory is her baby, than Britney Jean is her most personal album 

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Like other people have stated, this falls on Britney. I think she has made her point that she really just does not want to work hard. She's ok with just doing the bare minimum, and her team does not want to push her in fear of her spiraling out of control. 

She must be making RCA money, or I'm sure the label would have dropped her by now. It's blantley obvious she really has no interest in putting in ?% like she used too. I could not picture her ever doing this type promo ever again. 

She just does not have drive, passion, or stamina to ever work like the video. And that's ok, I guess, I just wish I could see legit passion in her more frequently than I do. 

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