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4 hours ago, generation glory said:

 This video is avant-garde. It’s art, *****! :tiffanynod:


That has got to be the worst interpretation I’ve read by far. :tiffcackle:


“y0u HavE To LoOK DeEPEr”

*didnt even read the eviction sign that says Adam and Eve, Eden, and arch angel Uriel* :tiffcackle:

I think you’d be the last person to know what art is (it’s all subjective anyways) let alone avant-garde holy **** lol :tiffcackle:



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14 minutes ago, Shrekney said:

I can get that. :rlynow: Like one thing at a time? Slave, 3, IUSA all do have highly ****** lyrics but you notice how the music videos usually don’t adhere completely to the lyrics. For example with 3, she’s singing about a 3some, but there isn’t any 3some action going on in th MV. I mean there’s those 2 male dancers but if someone who doesn’t speak English saw that music video would they know it’s about a 3some? Same with IUSA, it’s a literally a *** party in her house but there’s no simulated *** going on. There’s a lot of ****** dancing (and even a ***** in the background :selenerz:) but that music video is a perfect example of how to balance it all out. 

Maybe its bc MM didn’t have a clear direct story line and the simulated orgie scenes stood out more bc of it. I can admit that much but you still have her naked in a cage, making out with a guy, and the g-easy scene. So it’s like, they really were not holding back on the ****** stuff AT ALL it seems. It’s more clever when everything is juxtaposed perfectly to where it’s not crossing the line, something almost all of Britney’s music videos offer (minus this one). This one was like you said, upfront about it. Like the “Britney magic” is already gone at that point and now it feels like I’m watching soft core ****. 

Also what made her other videos so **** was that it WASNT in your face ***. It was teasing. And thats actually more of a turn on.  Always felt that's what separated Britney from Xtina. Cause we Xtina went ****** she got a lot more negative press for it because it wasn't classy or coy. It was just plain hoeing. And btw i love Xtina so this isn't a diss at her. Same thing with Horror films, the scariest films are the ones that are suggestive as opposed to actually showing us the monster. But like i said, i saw the worst parts already so its not so shocking to me now. One things for sure, it definitely would have gotten lots of media attention. 

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28 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

I told y'all, she hated the whole thing:


I'm glad she didn't let him ridicule her :juggingu:


My theory:


Britney wasn't feeling the scene with the guys grinding on her bulldozer. Shouted "I don't like it!" It continued. Britney got anxious. Director cut the scene and said Britney was a spoilt brat. Britney shouted he was an "*******!" Next day - Britney spoke to Larry and said she wouldn't work with LaChappelle any more. Larry told LaChappelle to make do with body doubles for the rest of the scenes. This didn't work out so LaChapelle quit and no footage was allowed to be used. 


The Disney version got shot and most fans with eyes hated every second of it. 


The song bombed thanks in part to a boring video with no replay value. 


The Larry Rudolph version of the Make Me video leaked. 


LaChappelle disowned the video because he never got to "finish" it. 



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6 hours ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

Yes she has been topless before in Everytime, toxic, womanizer and criminal but she has never completely exposed her *****.


Yeah I noticed that. She could have just crosses her legs over or something instead tho, like she did in Womanizer.


Yes the society is changing and is becoming more and more accepting of Women's body and dignity, but I certainly cannot deny there was no point in the reason "I'm a mom now". Imagine how her kids would feel about it, imagine what they would have to face at their school or among their friends etc. I mean it is Britney Spears but don't you think that completely exposing is a step too far? 

And had the video been released, wouldn't she have been the first singer to do so?

GM says hi as well. 

She is Britney Spears. 

We have seen every inch of her body. 

Sexuality is still the driving force of her brand so no I see nothing wrong with i. 

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I’m sure had the original video actually been finished and released, it would be different than the one that’s just been leaked but...

I just have to say from what I’ve seen in this new leaked version, I can maybe understand why they scrapped it. It makes absolutely zero sense and doesn’t flow well at all.

Again, I’m sure it would be different if they finished and I know there’s scenes missing but it really doesn’t make any sense from what I’ve seen and I’m glad they scrapped it.

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