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1 hour ago, Cheshire-***** said:

Y'all need to calm down lmfao. The video isn't perfect but complaining about the ****** content ? Are we still talking about Britney Spears ? 

75% of her videos are highly ****** and that's great ! Even Slumber Party, she licks the milk on a table in front of a man watching her. 

There's IUSA too, she literaly wakes up from an orgy... come on... 

I think the scraped video looks less childish than the official one, and it screams Lachapelle. I think the video is great and with some more scenes to flesh out the concept it could have been great. 


Anyway, we can't take away that the concept is far more interresting than the official where she's making a casting to choose who's going to make love to her......... If that's not overly ****** too what is it ? 


I don't think Britney has a problem with being ******, I don't know what happened and if it's her choice to throw away the Lachapelle video then it's fine... but I don't think it has to do with the ****** things because she's CLEARLY enjoying it, look at her faces on the group scenes, that can't jut be acting, she's not that good of an actress. And the funny resurection scene she seems really into it too.

I think I love the video because you can read it on different levels and there also some funny into it. It's serious but not too much, it's great.

Thank you. People kept using that video recording of the bulldozer scene as proof that she called it off and was the one that preferred a safer video. Give the girl some credit, she ain’t that dumb to walk on set dressed in skimpy outfits and simulate **** *** without realizing what she is doing unless you want to say her team got her in a trance and she snapped out of it - doesn’t that sound crazy? And for people to say it’s tacky, like that’s David’s  aesthetic. Have you seen his work? Almost all of them are on the verge of tackiness, I mean look at this


I mean David gives great visuals and you can always count on him for delivering a flawless artistic image just like you can always expect Randee to deliver...basic ness and that’s what we got for the official one, pick and chose which would be a better choice.

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14 minutes ago, toysoldier88 said:

Why use a stunt double for the first 20 seconds tho?:zoomzoom: the rest of the video il flawless as expected, she looks incredible

maybe it was on purpose idk

anyway, it looks kind obvious that it doesn't look like her so whatever.

it's not like she didn't want to do this part, judging by the rest of the scenes that she did on the video :zoomzoom:

she has been using doubles in her entire career nothing new.

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14 minutes ago, toysoldier88 said:

Why use a stunt double for the first 20 seconds tho?:zoomzoom: the rest of the video il flawless as expected, she looks incredible

I was thinking the same. I was like “wait, that’s not Britney’s butt.” It’s stupid cuz she has a banging bod and that’s such a great opening with the lighting hitting her perfectly and wasted on a body double.

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5 minutes ago, generation glory said:

To those who say this video doesn’t make sense. The video does make sense. Dig deeper into the visuals then it makes sense! Here’s my interpretation of what this video conveys.

In the beginning of the video Britney is kissing her bf. The production assistant woman pulls her away from him so that she can go back to work on filming the music video. Britney complies, does her thing, completes the scene with dancers. Notice how relieved Britney looks after the director says “cut!” Thinking her job is over she leaves. Britney rides off in her car with her bf to go back to her house. They arrive to her house and see an eviction notice on the door. They’re like wtf?! Enter into the house. Things happening inside that shouldn’t. There are people (men- who oddly enough are the same guys she thought she’d left behind, you know, at work.) They should not be there because it’s not their house, it’s hers. These men have invaded her home and gotten really comfortable there: the men are spinning round and round on poles, then the men workout all throughout her house.

There’s also a leopard ? inside of the house. I think the leopard represents Britney, like it’s her spirit animal. You know the expression “a leopard never changes its spots, it means no matter what you do to it it’ll always be what it is, you can’t change it’s nature. Think about how that relates to Britney Spears...all those that have gotten her to conform, to do or to change and be what they want her to be whenever they want it.

She can’t get rid of the men who’ve invaded her personal space. Remember, Britney has been evicted - it’s the men’s house not hers anymore. So she’s like “if you can’t beat em join em.”?‍♀️ So she begins to watch tv with them while the men work out around her and in other rooms. She seems okay with it. Suddenly Britney gets fed up with that. She grabs the tv and throws it out the window. The tv lands in the pool accidentally electrocuting the one thing she really loves: her boyfriend. She gives her bf mouth to mouth resuscitation that brings him back to life and then they kiss. ? Now she’s happy and everyone around her is too. The men see that she can handle a difficult situation (the bf nearly drowning in the pool but she saves him and maybe herself too.)

All the men that invaded her house are gone. She and her bf celebrate their removal by bulldozing the house down so it no longer exists. All that remains is her and her bf, who passionately kiss as they demolish the house from existence. I think ‘Make Me’ original music video is metaphorical and poetic, perhaps an abstract reflection of what’s going on in Britney’s life and what’s in her heart. LaChappelle perfectly taps into it. This video is avant-garde. It’s art, *****! :tiffanynod:

Oh and I think G-Eazy is nothing more than a distraction that temporarily keeps her occupied until she is able to get back to the guy she really likes. Lol maybe he represents “performing” (get it?) a la the Vegas residency haha.? 


Everything was making ‘sense’... until the g eazy explanation :queenie: 

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3 minutes ago, Cigarettes&Cologne said:

Everything was making ‘sense’... until the g eazy explanation :queenie: 

LMAO ? ikr! But I was thinking he’s there to give her something to do, literally and figuratively speaking. Often times I feel that her work, whether it’s the Vegas residency or whatever it is, is to keep Britney busy more than it is for something she still has passion for. She likes it enough but would much rather be spending time with her bf or with her sons.

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29 minutes ago, billyjb26 said:

Am I the only one that hasn't heard this version of the song? Is this the demo? I like the chorus better, it's less processed and you can actually hear her voice...

it's probably a filtered version to comply with copyright youtube guidelines 

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