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4 minutes ago, Bundy said:

Its more bearable, less childish, tacky and embarassing, but it feels like a cut version, that misses smt, and its not finished. Still better than the hysterical hyenas but it looks very cheap too like there was no budget at all.

This is just my theory, but I think these scenes were the site of the Album Photoshoot Glory never had. The game was also released around this time so they thought they might as well shoot a put-up video for the game.

But then when the original video was scrapped, they had to make a new one quickly. So they shot the audition scenes in the official video quickly and added some scenes from the American Dream Version which was already shot for the game.:bootyney:

That may also be the reason why the Gloy cover is a screenshot, when it was actually a picture taken from the Album Photoshoot :mhmnod:

Photoshoots don't need much budget when compared to music videos, so the American Dream version looks cheap with little budget.

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Everyone is acting like this video was finished, it’s clearly not. Editing aside (color correcting and general retouching), I definitely feel a lot of elements are missing. We know she filmed another scene but wasn’t that towards the end of this video’s life? This could be the cut that went to Perez for him to show during that “leak” and the real video was meant to come later. I feel they started to film other parts but that’s when the video went into the can: things were never finished.

I doubt this video would’ve helped the single, but I do think it would’ve given Britney a lot of press (good or bad, she always gets both). The video definitely takes on a cool mature concept with the Biblical references. Someone posted they think it’s the story of her career which I definitely see as well. The shoot she did for Flaunt magazine was very religious, I wonder if she wanted to have a Madonna moment with some blasphemy controversy. I’m honestly here for that.

Aside from all of that, I genuinely wonder why this video was scrapped. Call me crazy, but I think Britney looked like she was having HELLA fun in all of it. She was posting about it online, seemed excited in interviews, and now this footage comes out where she’s serving. I saw a theory that the sponsors didn’t like how their products were being displayed which I can definitely understand. Also I see people pointing out Jamie and Lou Taylor are super religious and I can see them wanting to advert her from going down that Madonna-esque direction. 

Say what you will, but I think his video is beautiful. Glory was definitely heading in a great direction but started off so rocky. I think this video is about as sexualized as her other ones. It’s not a big deal. The only scene I don’t care for is the G-Eazy scene. It just doesn’t spark my interest. But I think if a dedicated fan were to remaster the footage and perhaps interject some scenes from the Americans Dream/official version, the product will be quite astounding. This video pairs well with the Slumber Party video. I love that this video didn’t go in typical Brit video styles and was doing something more different. Reminded me of a Lady Gaga video.


also, love the desert scene. I wonder if the shoot for the single cover was supposed to be featured? Also: I wonder why they put music from the Lion King? I recognized it immediately.

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I remember that horrible Friday when bits of this video surfaced, but then we got the official video, and I was like, I couldn't speak for 3 or 4 hours, I just died a little bit inside. But now I can finally close that episode :crying1: I thought I'd never see redbodypaintney in HD.

Still mad we didn't get more singles, but maybe the next era...

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Do you think Britney knows about the original video leak of make me? :gaspney:

I wonder if she’s upset/hurt by it, because clearly she didn’t want anyone seeing it, it just didn’t work :demi:

Tbh they probably haven’t told her, and never will... An interviewer will ask her about it one day, and she’ll say it’s cool and fresh and hopes her fans like it :jj:

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