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Did we ever get ponytail-ney during the FFT?


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Hey guess what

the pony tails are better than that real ugly dolled up hair she had in in some part of 2017 or the wigs she had in 2013 

some days in pom her hair wasn’t it 

tbh I don’t mind it 

just don’t like the pony pulling or when it gets too messy looking 

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28 minutes ago, mfanbs said:

to see her perform without the ticks :tiffanycries:

That’s what ur gonna get forcing someone like Britney to do the same show for 5 years

notice how there are minimal tics and ENERGY like 2016ney in pom tour slave cym and clumsy 

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8 hours ago, Goku said:

Or when we asked for BrunetteNey to come back but after 2 weeks we started to complain again with "I miss BlondeNey" "BlondNey is more Iconic" threads

She can't win with this fanbase 


That's why she started wearing the wigs again, even while brunette

This was May 3rd 2014



And by May 7th she appeared like this




I prefer Blondeney though, just not Wigney

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4 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

she was just happier because her kids and family were there





And because it was the last show of the tour :blol:

Off topic but Jason kinda looked like their dad. They seemed pretty close and that he was very affectioned towards the boys :)


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