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Celebrity Insider: Britney Spears’ conservatorship could finally come to an end (Locked - OP Request)


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5 minutes ago, kleinbritney said:

That should only be an example. I think Trump is "crazier" than Britney - you understand?

if britney is crazy half the world would be crazy

crazy is too broad of a term. there's suicidal (i suspect britney was) and then there's narcissistic (trump.) one is functional and one isnt

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55 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

There's a reason why she's under a conservatorship. Her illness must be worse than what we think.

Yes and that reason is called media. just imagine you know a relative, someone who's not famous at all and they go through everything Britney did back in the day. they get married in Vegas, they shave their head, they drink a lot and smoke. what do you do with this person? :mhmsureny:

first of all, you need to let them have their fun, that's what young people want to do and should do so that they won't feel left out when they're old. 

and second of all, you help them grow into a more mature person with a better capability of making life decisions. 

you don't put chains on their lives, you support them. 

If Britney was not the biggest pop star in the world, she would've never gone under this c-ship. 

media attacked her from every single angle, they called her a bad role model, a terrible mother, unfaithful wife, an addict, a **** head and they made a big deal out of a young girl doing simple rebellious acts.





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9 minutes ago, Lilith said:

As far im concerned Trump hasn't broken the law or put other lives in danger or his own kids in danger like you know... Britney driving without valid license and running red lights with her kids in the car and putting their lives in danger plus other drivers so are you sure about Trump being more crazy than Britney? :cackling:
And anyways as far examples go, Merkel is x1000 worse than Trump so next time maybe use her instead of Trump :well:

There is no police photo of Britney. She was never punished for her traffic sins. She has her driver's license until today. Although she is supposed to be crazy.

These are all stupid stories that nobody could resist

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1 hour ago, Dreamer26 said:

Here is my theory:

She get used to her father as a conservator. Maybe she was afraid to take control of her life. İf her father dies she doesn't know who to trust.  I don't think that she has drug or alcohol addiction. 

do you really think britney is that selfish that her first concern while her dad is ill is who will manage her assets if he dies? come on now :frenchy:

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1 hour ago, nels64 said:

Lol girl it's the same in America. At least in most of Europe you'll get that treatment for free where as here you're have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to do so...

Nothing is ever “free” so let’s get that straight. Someone always has to pay for it, like you learn this **** in school, oh my god. 

Also there’s a lot of cases, especially in Canada, where it takes months to even see a doctor let alone treatment “bUt iTz FreE” like. Ok. I think paying thousands of dollars is kinda stupid too, I’m in no way defending our healthcare system lol, but this “it’s free in Europe” or wherever tf is just so f**king naive bc there’s also a bad side to that.

People who always make comparisons about America in regards to anything (health, military, gun rights etc) to some supposedly utopian non American country, is just an excuse to express your weird addictive hate towards America. Like it says more about the person than any country or policy being discussed. :checkit: Especially seeing almost all these people who heavily criticize America aren’t even from there and yes it does matter where you come from, deflecting an argument with “it doesn’t matter where I’m from I’m right” LITERALLY proves what’s really going down psychologically, bc you WANT  to hate America.

America sucks huh? Britney is American, she’s the poster child of America, she’s “miss American Dream” this website is American. A lot of entertainment, products, personalities (you get where I’m going) the globe enjoys is American. So if America is trash to you idk how you can say you’re a Britney fan bc it’s only in America than a 16 year old girl can sell millions of records and become a global phenomenon. But yeah, **** America :raven: lol


I LOVE being American, I feel blessed and free. I can say whatever I want with out getting jailed, I can express myself without fear the state will punish me bc it doesn’t align with the current political moment. I know it’s not perfect, and it has a messy history (literally every f**king country on earth, but ok it’s only the worst thing ever when it’s America for some weird reason) I have a job and vote and it’s really sad there’s parts of the world where those things are nonexistent. So really ask yourself why you hate America so much. 


And the funniest **** ever is that this “**** America, anywhere but here is better” is exactly why Trump won. America is not here for this hyper-liberal anti-American ****, that seems to only really come from the elites and Marxist, that’s why they put Trump in office to stop that ****. Like the more y’all f**king screech and cry how awful America is the more you’re pushing everyone farther right and helping Trump get elected again tbh. So I guess thanks for helping, keep it up, I would not mind having Trump another 4 years. 

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1 hour ago, Lilith said:

Germany has influence as well so yeah by your logic it's kind of everybody's business what Merkel has done to **** up the entire Europe LOL compared to Trump LOL LOL

Europe is kinda hopeless at this point. :selenerz: I really can’t see them bouncing back from all the stupid **** they voted for. But hey, wish them the best of luck. :raven: I hope they plenty of ammunition and gu- oh wait. :imok: lmao

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