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Enews say that despite new reports, their sources say nothing new custody related has been filed from Kevin


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That man is always took advantage of Britney. He and Britneys team been using kids card everytime they need bigger paycheck. I feel sorry for Britney being in a such place then ppl care more about money than her well being. She seemed fine in fortherecord. Or they made it look like she was. She was off onstage at circus. Off and odd  at fft interviews. She just start looking her old self at part of pieceofme. Then again she is loked down. Whenever happening there we'll never know. I just hope they can help her. 

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4 hours ago, Forever22 said:

He doesn’t have much longer to milk the Britney money train. The kids are growing up fast now. 

Preston will be 14 years already in some months :omg:


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8 minutes ago, Cwazy said:

Honestly don't understand why he needs so much money PER MONTH to take care of two children, assuming the money is only for Preston and Jayden. 

Its probably for him, his wife, his other 4 kids and maybe for his other ex wife as well 

He wants to have the same lifestyle as Britney without working at all 

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23 minutes ago, LionHeart said:

he's just like justin, but justin at least had a career before using britney for her solo spotlight to be blasted.

I kinda agree to a certain extent bc i dont even like JT but at least JT liked her when they were both kids and went after her when she was still a nobody to the world (she said she was doing promotion for BOMT the single on a radio show and he went backstage to talk to her) and Nsync were already kinda famous in some European countries and in the USA

Yeah, he threw her under the bus after the split bc he wanted attention, to boost his solo career and to get back at her bc he seems like a vindictive person but nobody can say he got together with her bc she was already Britney Spears afterall this wasnt the case... when they first went out in late 98 she was the one who had to open shows for Nsync afterwards.

KFed on the other hand, left her alone on both pregnancies bc he was too busy spending her money on clubs and trying to be the next Vanilla Ice 

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