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Let's Sum Up The 20 Year Anniversary Of Britney


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Many thought Britney Spears would be a flash in the pan let alone would think she would end up a one hit wonder.

Britney's iconic debut album Baby One More Time dropped in January 1999.

Photo below is of Britney in January 1999!


Just before the other day Britney's last Instagram post was in regards to the 20 year anniversary of Baby One More Time.

That post was in January 2019.

20 whopping years later or 2 decades of ups and downs it's unfortunate the 20 year birthday is drowning in problems.

Had this stuff not be happening a normal artist would've been on tour, performing at award shows and celebrating their 20 year debut.

In turn I'm saddened that this all seems never ending and on top of that Britney could be freaking out at wondering what will happen to her if her dad passed.

What do you think the future holds when it comes to Britney's return?


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