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38 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

First, if she did this all on her own then I applaud her for her bravery.

Second, I don't trust her snakey Team one bit. Her checking into a mental health facility screams UNSTABLE and if she's been trying to spring herself from the c-ship then what better way to keep her in it than to check her in against her will?

I wish we knew what was really going on.

Can a person under a conservatorship “check-in” anywhere on their own?

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6 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

you might not be able to think straight or be super supportive but would you leave him to get help for your emotional issues (that according to them are only there becaue she is so anxious about him) I just think that there is more going on than just her dad,

please edit my post, cuz it looks so stupid with that part for another person :omg:

Getting help for herself in that situation is smart, maybe it doesn't look cool, but U have to take care first for your *** especially if U could be no help and possible distraction otherwise :well:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania plane mask first yourself

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1 minute ago, GimmeBritney320 said:

On one hand I agree with you and as much as I joke, would never want to be intentionally cruel to Britney ever! However, I'm not sure if you're familiar with Carrie Fisher at all, but she very publicly struggled with mental health and spoke honestly about it. She also tried to make it funny and make jokes about it because she said it makes it both easier to deal with and makes it easier for people to accept. I've struggled big time with mental health and I make jokes about it all the time because it's sometimes the only helpful way to get through it. I don't condone cruelty of any kind but only speaking for myself, sometimes I've made jokes about Britney but because I often see myself in her. And truthfully I think most people can. Haven't you seen the tshirts and mugs..."If Britney can make it through 2007 you can make it through this day". And while some may think it's mean or disrespectful... the reason it's funny to most people is because on some level they relate to what she was going through. 

With all that being said, clearly Britney doesn't want to address her issues with the public but I wish she would. I'm sure a lot of us here relate to what she's going through in some capacity.

Oh I didnt mean she had to do a 3 hour interview going into detail but just a GOOD interview with other juicy stuff that would endeer people to her again and make her seem more normal and less fragile and weird.  Im sure she has a lot of fun stuff that happened in her career that she can talk about (tour bloopers on and off stage or just funny behind the scenes tid bids)

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it seems like the other news outlets are saying it's related to her anxiety, and not a more deep rooted and dangerous sort of illness, not that anxiety isn't dangerous in its own right. i just wish, like everyone else, that we could get some sort of solid and truthful statement from her team because it doesn't feel fair. it isn't our business obviously but something, anything of substance, directly from her or her team would be appreciated.

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Maybe after this she’ll feel more confident talking about her struggles. Her team has always tried to mask it and make it seem like everything’s okay but in 2019, it’s seen as a brave and powerful thing to be open about your issues. Obviously she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t feel comfortable, but I do think it would be positive and a liberating thing to just be able to come clean about it & a lot of people would respect it. 

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2 minutes ago, Catalin said:

Can a person under a conservatorship “check-in” anywhere on their own?

If she ran into a hospital and said that she needs mental help they will help her, the cship will come up but why would they want to sabotage her health??

2 minutes ago, Dirk said:


Omg, I hope its herself and not her team trying to manipulate her (once again) because she was rebelling the c-ship and get things their way.

I was hoping she was well but I’m sad to hear that, hope its nothing so deep :((

If she is fine a docotor will see that very fast and release her.

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How does TMZ always know without being tipped off.

i hate them. 

I must say, we been questioning her whereabouts for a while but had a pleasant understanding of space 

I for one know when I saw her in Brighton was so happy but as soon as I saw her I got her sadness and forced vibe as a feeling and told everyone I felt bad paying to make her dance to make happy when she’s not when i love her and her as a person more than a performer 

but I don’t want this 

I know since summer it’s what she needed but it’s been 4 months 

i rather it be quiet my girl needs to recover alone and it pains me and I hope pains us to know she needs this help 

TMZ back off we don’t want this intrusiveness 

Britney please be okay and please fight we’re here for you and your demons that’s why we’re rhe 




We will always fight for you and your health and happiness and it will come. We love you britney 

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52 minutes ago, chrisryan said:



Our girl is fighting. DO NOT BE FOOLED by this and these stories. Lou Taylor and her team are doing this story. There is way too many things that are going on that speak the opposite. Do Sam and JL seem like 2 people who someone that are close to had a mental breakdown? The fact they posted the insta right at th time of the story. Using he own accounts against her! I cant! 


This is the conservatorship trying to use Public Opinion against her prior to the May court date. This is not her at all, she is laying low so they can't use anything against her. This is the best they got? 


We already know Jaime has been on the mend for a while. People even clocked him at a wedding not too long ago. 

She is at war. I hope our girl wins this one! She deserves to be out of the conservatorship! 

Lol did you listen to the Britney podcast?

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