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Why is everyone freaking out? Taking care of your mental health is a good thing ppl. Kudos to her for noticing something is off and wanting to fix it. There’s been something visibly wrong for awhile. You guys are worse than outsiders, her possibly having mental health issues doesn’t make her less than at all. It shows she’s getting ahead of a possible problem. Maybe now she’ll discuss her troubles more and shed some light on some of her onstage quirks/behaviors and people can have more sympathy. I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs to be happy if true.

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9 minutes ago, Ryan9999 said:

What the hell just happened. I got excited about the quote post and now this? I am confusion :lostney:

OMG please, people, get this through your heads. Britney doesn’t control her social media accounts. Someone else posts on her behalf. That new ig post made no mention of what tmz just told the world. It’s always her team impersonating her online. It’s typical smoke and mirrors. Learn to read between the lines and quit buying all the pre-approved Pr social media posts. 

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6 minutes ago, nels64 said:

This is faker than the f**king quote. 

Why are they only learning about her checking into a mental facility "a week ago" right now after "she" posted that quote????? Wouldn't she not have access to her PHONE if she was in treatment???
So which one is it?

1. She's in a mental health facility for a month (starting a week ago) and her TEAM posted the quote???
2. She posted the quote and isn't in the facility????

This makes no sense y'all


1 minute ago, BabyOneMoreTime. said:

I feel her team got wind that TMZ learned about it and was going to post about it (I've seen the Kardashians when TMZ called them and told them they were going to post something about Kylie being pregnant because they heard about it, something like that..) so when TMZ called and said they were going to post about Britney being in the mental health clinic, her team decided to post about it first so that it would soften the blow of the news

I mean we know her team is 'covering for something', but we don't know.

Not that it's necessarily our business, notwithstanding her father's possible illness, but we know her team is totally insincere.


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2 minutes ago, nels64 said:

But they didn't post about it...they pretended to post as her...so either TMZ is lying or her team is pretending to be her. Either way nothing is real and everything is fake.

Well it’s not uncommon for a team member to post for a celebrity. But yes everything is confusing right now. The only real thing is Britney is getting some help right now and I wish her the best 

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omg. I’m happy to hear she is in a treatment facility but I hope those around her put her well being first instead of f**king money and her career. :disappointed: Britney, you are an inspiration to us all. I believe in you babe, you can get through this ♥️♥️♥️

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5 minutes ago, nels64 said:

But they didn't post about it...they pretended to post as her...so either TMZ is lying or her team is pretending to be her. Either way nothing is real and everything is fake.

They always pretend to be her on social media. Idk why people still don’t wanna believe this. I think they leaked this info to tmz because they couldn’t hide the truth anymore. She was never in Louisiana. She’s not in rehab just because of her dad’s health it’s her own mental health too. Her team will lay her rehab stint all on Jamie just like they blamed domination cancellation on him too. It’s more that it’s Britney’s (mental) health that’s in a bad way not just her dad’s.



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