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Britney Returns: We All Need A Little "Me Time"

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The weird thing is that usually, her posts on Instagram are posted exactly at the same time on twitter, which is a thing that a social media team does (Miley’s post are like this too for reference). To me the fact that this still isn’t on twitter yet makes me think that this is actually her. Idk if that makes sense but that’s my theory:whatitellu:

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1 minute ago, nels64 said:

Y'all don't fall for this ****.

The only source TMZ has is the f**king quote that was posted on instagram.

Also real coincidental that she checked in a week ago...yet they JUST FOUND OUT literal MINUTES after she posted on instagram that she checked herself in somewhere?

Also how did "she" post on instagram if she was in the facility??? They normally take away your phone for programs like that.


That is true but Britney or her team could’ve posted that IG quote because they knew this story was gonna break. 

Just take a look at Wendy Williams, she announced on her show that she was in a sober living house because that story of her was about to break even Charlamagne almost announced it on The Breakfast Club a few days prior to Wendy.

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2 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

Now we know why she just posted

The story of her checking into a facility was reported by TMZ 

Smart way to get control of the story:flawfree:

Cappy is right for once :yesplease:


If the news are real this is really genius way to handle it because otherwise it would be all drama and fear. This is great thing if it's true. Treating your mental health is really important and it's not something to be ashamed of. 

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56 minutes ago, nels64 said:

Someone made a thread last night saying that Britney needs to say something and that it's "RUDE" that she hasn't said anything to us and that we're worrying. 

Obviously a bunch of us shot it down and said leave her in peace, she doesn't owe us anything.

But idk maybe her team felt it was getting out of hand a bit. Idk this really doesn't feel like her to me girl. 

I made a thread last night asking if her simply saying 'hello'  is something we would like to see happen. Nowhere did I call her rude for not doing so.  I was merely asking the FORUM for DISCUSSION. Because this is what this place is for. Because I was genuinely worried things weren't okay and I wouldn't trust any other source. No she doesn't owe anyone anything. But if I want to ask her for something, I can. And I will. 

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52 minutes ago, Iceney said:

How can there be no replies by anyone after over 20 minutes of this thread existing..especially when it's about Britney posting smth for the first time in 3 months and finally not seeming to be wiped off the face of the earth tenor.gif?itemid=5367237

Wow...seemed like either the site or my pc was glitching :britoverit:

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4 minutes ago, nels64 said:

Yeah but that post literally did the opposite. It directly contradicts TMZ...if SHE posted that post...then she can't be in the facility because you aren't allowed to use phones...

Britney might not have access to her phone at the moment but her team do. Every celebrities management has access to their social media accounts. 

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Just now, nels64 said:

Yes I know that....but then why did they post AS her. They specifically posted a cheesy quote and played it off as if SHE posted it. They didn't do an announcement or speak on her behalf. They literally posted as if they were her.


 Which would make sense...but why would they post pretending to be her. They could have easily posted something else saying she's fine...instead they chose to post trying to sound like her. Thus creating the illusion that SHE is posting. 

Because maybe they didn’t want people to know she was going to be in a facility, but TMZ found out and broke the news anyway.

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2 minutes ago, nels64 said:

It just seems very coincidental that the TMZ story broke literally minutes after that instagram post...So again either they're going to have to deny she's in the facility, or own up to it and expose that they were pretending to be her...

That is if the TMZ story is true. Which they've been known to run with a rumor and lie. 

Yeah, it seems like the TMZ article is either fake or based off of a vague rumor that they are reaching on. You’ve been giving so many good points in this thread and the other one and tbh I think you might be onto something. 

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2 hours ago, nels64 said:

I smell a fake...idk this sounds like someone from her team trying to copy her. 

That thread was just started here last night about wanting her to say SOMETHING. And now this? Either she lurks here or it’s Larry trying to be her. 

Also she has NEVER used a plain “:)” she ALWAYS uses emojis and usually they come in three. This should have ended with ???

Idk I’m skeptical. 

hmmm I dont think she even post herself, maybe she only approves some of the posts and provide some material to be posted ...
Even Miley said that some years ago :tbh:

I have worked in Digital Marketing for a while now, and you would be amaze to see the huge amount of people that is behind a big artist account. 

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