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Extremely popular reddit post talking about Britney’s breakdown and empathizing with her

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3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

The ironic thing is that she doesn't look that stressed or altered in that pic they always use.

She looked so much more lost at the VMA's. 

The VMA's were, to me, what's caused most of the problems post her Circus comeback.  That is what made her extremely insecure.

The M&M's Tour, even though her dancing wasn't all the way back, she still had that swagger.  More and more practice would have gotten her back to her prime levels.

The only thing the Circus Tour had from her was stage presence.  Her performing there, in retrospect, is still not better because she was supposed to improve after that.

So MTV and Jive exploited her at that VMA's.  That 2007 VMA's was the downfall.

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