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Danja tracklist post


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Last night Danja posted a tracklist... then deleted it. Looks fake but why would he do that? I don’t get it... also bed *****? Most likely a misspelling of sheets. 482308E3-5FA3-44F9-B0CC-EAA3768F8D5A.png

also if you listen to Agnezmo debut album “x” u can see what Danja recent work is like since he produced the whole album. 

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24 minutes ago, Ryan9999 said:

This place is so messy. You actually believe this?:byebitch:

Where did I say hey y’all here’s the official tracklist? I said it looks fake AF and also wondering why Danja would post this **** anyways? 

Better then that huge messy thread about assumptions and rumors about Britney’s mental health. :joanne:


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