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8Fact: Britney Spears' used pregnancy test was sold on eBay for $5,001


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i read a whole book once on weird stuff people tried to sell on ebay. iirc someone tried to auction off the french toast justin timberlake ate but didnt finish during an interview, and then a thong xtina wore during a photoshoot plus a vial of the water she posed in... :surprisedney: plus stuff like a cheeto that was shaped like jesus and multiple people have tried to sell their soul (???)

i think someone also tried to sell a piece of gum britney chewed that they found in the trash of her hotel room, lol

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12 hours ago, Martini said:

@Cappycorn87 told me he was the one that purchased it :jj:

Britney is free to d whatever she wants so if she wanted to make some money of her baby let it be, larry works for her and her kids are her property

Don't forget that Make Me reached #1 on iTunes for about 2 minutes 

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