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What do you think she’s doing?

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I think the question here is not exactly WHAT is she doing, but WHERE is she at... 

tbh the last time we saw her was like, January 5th, in that drive-thru with Sam and looking like the goddess 2007ney and then later on having a milkshake. We haven’t heard from her since, and I wonder if she’s okay. 

I don’t think she’s doing something related to her career as this was supposed to be a hiatus, but it does make me worried to not know where is she atm, it’s like she went missing or something... 

I wish she was in LA. Planning to go there soon and I wish I would take pictures with her. But if no paparazzi has spotted her for two months now, she is whether hiding from us and the media, traveling (maybe she decided to go somewhere inspiring for b10 :yesplease:) or she’s in Kentwood. 

Or she could’ve been brainwashed by the conservatorship guys and now she doesn’t remember she is rich and famous :wow: what is going on y’all I am seriously worried for her!!! The lawyer said she would be in danger if the c-ship stuff didn’t change like he wanted, don’t you find it suspicious? :omg: 

BH detectives, we need you ASAP. Those who live in LA/near kentwood do your best to find her or delete this website:bedtime:

you choose the options :demi: 


A little off-topic, but I searched for Britney’s address in Kentwood (the huge house she built in 1999) in Google Earth and could see nothing but a big blur in the place the house was supposed to be in. Is there something wrong? Why would they want to hide the house, I mean, it’s not like we haven’t seen it already :umok: 

are they afraid we will see Britney in there or something :beynah: 


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I have no clue how she's keeping busy. Can't be easy if she has to remain hidden. I thought perhaps she might be out of the states, somewhere paparazzi aren't allowed. But, seeing as it's not even summer, I don't think she'd be anywhere that far for so long without her kids.

Louisiana would be the smarter choice, but even so that puts distance.

She has to be wherever Kevin is, that's LA. For sure she's not doing this alone, whomever she's trusting with helping her stay invisible is doing a good job. 

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So she's either in LA or Louisianna. If she's in LA, she knows she's not supposed to be and has assistants getting her everything while she's at home. She's a homebody so I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to not leave. If she's in Louisianna, she kept a really low profile. There wouldn't be paparazzi there but you'd think people would have spotted her at the airport or something. 

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