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Exclusive Britney Spears Is In a Much Better Place 10 Years After Breakdown


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Britney Spears Is In a Much Better Place 10 Years After Breakdown

More than ten years after a 2008 mental breakdown threatened to derail Britney Spears’ career and destroy her family, the pop star “is in a much, much, much better place,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The “Stronger” singer, 37, could have become a sad footnote in pop culture history, instead, she battled back, becoming a great mom to her two sons, grossing nearly $138 million during her four-year Las Vegas residency (which wrapped in late 2017) and finding love with fitness trainer and model Sam Asghari.

Though her mental state has improved, not everything is perfect in her life. Her dad, Jamie Spears, is still in charge of a legal conservatorship that’s been in place since after her breakdown, and he is now in the midst of a life-threatening health crisis, which has caused her to put her second Las Vegas residency on hold.

While she longs for the freedom befitting someone who will turn 40 in a few years, Spears does appreciate how her dad, 66, has “given her tremendous space… He doesn’t live with her or micromanage her daily routine.” That routine includes plenty of her favorite things: dancing, exercising and spending time with sons Preston, 13, and Jayden, 12.

Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline, 40, has primary custody of their children, but they’ve worked things out so the “Lucky” singer can shuttle them to school, music lessons and sports. “She tries to help them with their homework,” added the insider.

Right now, Jamie’s health is the “Baby One More Time” singer’s main concern. “The stress has been hard on her,” said the insider, adding that her dad was scheduled to undergo another surgery in mid-March. “It’s been a very difficult time.” But even as the pop star faces new obstacles, said the insider, “she’s feeling confident enough to take control of her life again.”





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14 minutes ago, IconicShow said:

The “Stronger” singer, 

Marketing the name of the new show already? :demi:


I seriously believe her team panic released this article, due to all of the publicity surrounding the conservatorship recently. They said she’s grateful her dad isn’t controlling etc, sounds like they panicked about all the bad publicity to me :thirsty:

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So obvious this is planted for her fans to stop speculating . 

Anyone who who doesn’t think they read these forums or understand public perception is dumb . 

They care about business and money . The last 10 years has been the most successful for Britney in terms of funds. Flops to her don’t matter cause she still makes money ... 

this damage control article is setting her up to come back without a conversatorship it seems .


hey guys do you want to work 80 hours a week or 20 for the same amount of money . That’s pretty much Britney’s life now they succeeeded in helping her make the most money of her legacy and work the least amount of hours . Power to her do sacrificing so much in her youth and mental health 

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