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Britney Spears Live


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Haven't been on here in a LONG time... Figured I'd share these edits I've made.  First Playlist is Dream Within a Dream Las Vegas WITHOUT Britney's lead vocals.  The other 2 are Oops!...I Did It Again (Studio Version) from Oops Tour I made as well as Oops from the DWAD tour Studio Version with Studio Vocals and lastly Satisfaction/Oops VMA's Remastered.  Hope some of you like them.





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Thank you! This sounds great, especially the BOMT DWAD version


even though I love that instrumental and the harmonies, Britney sounds like she struggling to hit the notes and ive always thought it sounded painful and like it was hurting her vocal chords tbh. I wish she would’ve re-recorded it in a studio but when has team b ever delivered? :nynod:


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