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Miley Cyrus Mentions Britney In Her Instagram Stories

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On 3/13/2019 at 4:21 AM, Goku said:

She wants the attention from every fandom now that there's a new album coming. Pathetic. :yelping:

Yeah I love Miley but this is what it feels like..why is she being desperate? She should just do a pop country trap album and stick with it. Like a female Old Town Road vibe type album.

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Miley's always stanning even when she was at her peak she'd post videos lipsyncing to slave 4 u. She really loves britney btw she even said in an interview when asked about britneys new album (Glory) what did she think and she replied something that she wondered if britney really wanted to keep doing this or if she'd rather stay at home with her kids lmao I wouldn't be surprised if she had an exhale account


about the pic I bet she said it because of the "shake it" written on the shorts since she's been posting a lot about the things she'd do in 2013 rather than deny it like she tried to do in 2017 lol. (When she used to twerk all the time) & the look is so messy overall something she loves 

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1 hour ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

PopCrave.com posted that Oops video was celebrating its 19th anniversary. Ariana reposted it and gave it the caption "iconic". :mhm:

Differently from Taylor and Selena that once they got more famous and successful, they stopped mentioning and supporting Britney publicly. Nice to see that Ariana continues to do, no matter how much fame and success she gets. Thanks for answering.

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