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How Do You Think A Suprise Release Would Have Gone for Britney?

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By the looks of the Variety Article, Britney And Her Team Were Looking To Suprise Drop B10 Sometime Around Domination.

Do You Think This Would Be A Good Idea For Britney? :qtbrit:

Would It Work For Her Like It's Worked For Beyonce? :badgirl:

Or Does She Need As Much Promo As she Should Get And A Suprise Release Would Have Flopped. :ipass:


It's Prob Better That They Didnt Because Ariana Dropped Her Album The Same Week, So B10 Wouldnt Have Debuted At #1. Now She Still Has A Chance.

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The surprise release is really dependent on social media buzz and I don't think there would be that much buzz. It would get picked up by the media but I can't see the numbers being descent unless there is some game changing music video(s) that drop at the same time.  The excitement would likely be short-lived. It's not a bad idea but I don't see how the execution would be successful. Beyonce had music videos/ a narrative for every song which is a major reason for the success of those visual albums.

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I don’t think it would sold well but it would have created much needed buzz for domination. They could’ve released a buzz single when she did the announcement and that would have created much needed hype. 

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It could work now that Dominaction is cancelled. She needs to continue not posting anything or communicating with the media at all (leaking photos of her sneaking around by studios and on sets). As soon as rumours start to swirl there’ll be hype. As soon as the album’s finished and at least one music video is shot, wait for a two week gap with no big pop releases, I think it could do well. Probably better if she dropped a surprise single (that was a bop like DYWCO or CYM), releasing/posting lots of behind the scenes pics and videos of the album’s production, revealing snippets and song titles. We would be wild. The hype would be insane, a sudden influx of interest from the internet. That way dropping an album the following week would still be a “surprise” but a week of hype would really help the sales

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Like i said in some previous thread the only way a surprise release will be successful if she does something shocking. She used to have the wow factor and shocking value (school girl, oops red suit, nude suit in vma, snake performance, kiss with madoona, nude in Toxic, bad performance with Gimme more, Womanizer naked scene video, Circus themed come back, song out of nowhere with 3, Hold it against me video, x factor judge (nobody excepted her to be one and were doubtful still surprised that she did that)). Killer video with deep message and story behind it. Stand up for some cause and incorporate it in the video to get people talking. Or do something different that she hasn't done before.

Since the public and paparazzi is not following her like they used to she could easily record everything (albums photoshoots visual album) in the hiding. Rehearse performances in the hiding and then show up to a major event to promote the single, or arrange something like the desert announcement. But this time not giving the public or press any info just get them in certain location and then do dramatic entrance (don't know if you guys have seen the movies Now you see me, she can do something like that to engage the audience) perform and them give them the visual album on some streaming service Netflix or something. And gurl you  have the info, get the knowledge when major artist are trying to release and avoid that timesloth

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