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Is she balding?


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17 minutes ago, puppylo16 said:

Yeah I’m worried about that, she already naturally has thin hair so having all these extensions and coloring is damaging her already thin hair. Hopefully she wears more wigs (good ones) 

Wigs are the best solutions but not the ones at the beggining of POM because these wigs are still in my nightmares 

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13 minutes ago, jokobitch said:

I’m pretty sure she pulls out her hair. I can’t remember what that disease is called, but I’ve seen videos of her pulling at her hair before. I used to do it  without noticing just a nervous habit so I had to cut my hair shorter 

even in 2003 she claimed she had no hair without extensions, so I don't think that's her problem, I think it would be even more noticeable if she had a problem as severe as that

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10 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

Exhale: "Is she balding?"

Britney on Domination's opening night:


Let's not give her ideas :juggingu:

Smh. Whoever did these wigs needs to be deleted. If only Britney would take out her extensions and have a good hair stylist who knows how to install a good closure/lace front.. it would change her life /change the game. A good lace looks natural, is less hot then all those extensions and would let her natural hair grow and scalp breathe.... heavy

and if nstalled right would never move/come off while performing . !

she wore lacefronts when performing sticky and sweet tour with Madonna..also  in circus music video. Wore a hair piece in womanizer, lace front in if u seek Amy and also had extensions

 ...but I bet she loves to have her real hair out ( many girls who are not used to wigs just don’t like them) 

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