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I know a lot of people saw POM and what not but I genuinely feel like that’s 95% of the reason she’s not hot anymore. Her moves were terrible and she had to many moments where she’s just walking into a different position. The weird facials made it worse. Also the album tracks playing. If she served hard in Vegas I guarantee Glory would have smashed. Yes the MM video wasn’t great but only stans know what happened and the video released isn’t bad. It’s just not on par for her standards. She can’t do things like announce a new show and not say a word or perform the way she did in Vegas and expect her music to do well. I know her team has focused on Vegas sales but they will only continue to decline. With that being said, a TRUE artist will always make it first and foremost about the music. **** sales. Success will come with hard work, depth, and authenticity. She had that between Britney and Blackout albums then she became strictly a brand. Sad. GP could care less and see her as a joke and the majority of fans are pissed. Time for a change. I don’t blame her fall on scrapped videos, or stupid promo or lack there of like most of you seem to think. It’s really her horrid shows, and awkward moments like the Domination announcement. They can use her Dad as an excuse for now but family issues typically don’t stop artist from working as we can’t either. When she comes back it better be more solid. Not perfect but definitely twenty steps forward. Or else just stop. 

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