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Unofficial Britney releases

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So, recently, I was browsing the website where I buy most of my CDs and decided to check out this offer that I never really cared about. I checked the comments and the only comment there said something about this being an unofficial release, which kinda got me interested in this topic...

Do you know of any other unofficial live release like this?

I know we already have Life Is A Beach: Live In Miami and this, but what else is there?

Here's the link to my shop where I found this one:


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3 hours ago, DexWillBeThere98 said:

Life is a Beach is kinda confusing. I mean, I'm sure that it's unnoficial, but it was in Spotify and iTunes.

They probably had some sort of licence that allowed them to put it on both platforms but it got quickly removed once Sony/RCA found out.

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1 hour ago, maquisl said:

I think the Onyx live cd was released a few years ago on spotify but was quickly removed? :ponderney: Oh, and we also have the AMF that was released in Brazil

You mean Life Is a Beach, it got removed from iTunes/Spotify very quickly. They also mislabeled Overprotected as 'Protected' and the artwork was of Britney's VMA 2001 performance so not even from the tour.

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