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Which scrapped Britney video do you want to see most?

Which scrapped Britney video do you want to see most?  

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Had to go with Gimme Moah. Seemed like a dark and unusual concept for a Britney video and I’m sure the story would have been very cool and interesting  :awyeah:

I would like to see the original MM, but I’ve seen Britney wearing very little while dancing around like a tonne and I don’t think they video was gonna bring much more than strippertastic hotney (always down for her tho :brit2016:)

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Make Me..., just because I need redbodypaintney in HD.

Perfume is a second one, because it was just the first mess of a video we got, I mean, it's still better than some other like POM or GM, but the way they mutilated, it just doesn't even make any sense, so I'd love to have a video that makes sense, especially since we know it does exist.


Everytime is not even one of my favorite videos, such an ugly video for such a pretty song, and if you just remove the end where she's smiling and the baby, right there you have your "suicide version" so I don't know what else to ask for. Work *****, for more than ya'll say what you want, I think those "explicit" things weren't even shot, but it always sounded to me more like she just refused to do certain things. Still is an amazing videoclip, so I wouldn't even feel like it's lacking anything.

Outrageous, meh, I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a full videoclip of it, especially the part with the trench coat, but the song isn't that great nor the few clips we have, even the type of I don't know what's the term, cinematography? they used for the video, like slow-motion-ish, and that kind of outdated vibe, like, it's not bright and lively like Toxic for example, it's just not very appealing to me.

Gimme More :ugh: I don't know how that thing could get any better or any worse, so I can live without it.

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2 minutes ago, Sadira said:

i want to see the finished make me version. what we saw was a low res rough cut. many parts would have still changed, switching up scenes and editing them properly with the intended effects and all colours corrected. it would have looked gorgeous

and i really dont think she finished recording the scenes... since she was seen fighting with the director on the bulldozer scene

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