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what is the best show in vegas?

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Ok, let's be honest, objective and realistic.

What is the best show in Vegas?
Each artist has his own stamp and his way of perfomance live through the years and his fans are already used to that.

 1. Britney Spears: Piece Of Me.

With 5 years of duration, the show started cold but it was on fire in 2016 with a show and a britney renewed and super energized, the reason for the change is still a mystery, his dance and his attitude changed, but the things started to decline by spending the 5 long years.

Their anxiety increased and their discontent on the stage as well ,the outfits sometimes good and other times cheap and improvised were getting worse, the visuals were good, but they lacked creativity and sometimes did not fit with the theme of the song.
the most impressive thing was the great toxic tree, it would have been perfect for a jungle theme on slave with classic moves, but in its place was put some lazy moves for toxic.

In general the show remained in a constant change between regular-good-mediocre.




2. Gwen Stefani: Just a Girl.

Gwen is not the typical pop artist and never pretended to be a great dancer because deep down she will always be a rock soul.
those who followed her from No doubt to a solo artist will surely enjoy the whole show, she goes through her greatest hits very true to her style, sassy and rocker and obviously singing live.

The show has good visuals on the back screens and she used original outfits where you can tell that gwen still knows of good fashion.

No doubt she don't defraud! she's definitely a great perfomer.

9 /10


3. Jennifer Lopez: All I Have.

Jlo has always been a great dancer and knows how to put a great show and in Las Vegas she definitely gives all she have!
She is fierce and confident, at 49 years old has a great physical state, with solid choreos and though she has a very limited voice, she gives the best of herself and sings the most of the time live even she sing some ballads and that is appreciated.

The show has great visuals that transport you to the era of each song, she used great outfits ranging from glamorous to urban, from Latin to casual
in general is a great show.



4. Lady Gaga: Enigma.

The mother moster has been very busy this year, acting and preparing her two residences for Las Vegas, yes two! Where does she get so much energy and motivation?
but well let's talk about enigma.

In general it is a great show, is conceptual, with great choreos, though we know that Gaga is interested in being more a great interpreter than a dancer, but both things she knows how to do very well, dance and sing at the same time!

She is rude, naughty and rare as always, she interacts with the assistants.
the outfits just as we are used to, following a strange but symbolic pattern according to the theme of the song.
The show has great visuals on the back screens that perfectly set with the sessions in which the show is divided.


Well, the show is no longer available on YouTube, it's a really shame?
by luck i download it ?

Elton john, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Maria Carey, Bruno Mars, Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys sure they have good shows too for whoever likes them, they are important artists too, but I have not seen them so I can not judge them

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