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Should Britney do a tour bundle with next album?

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So Backstreet Boys just released their 9th studio album 25 years into their career and gonna debut at #1.


Backstreet Boys will debut at #1 next Friday on the strength of a ticket bundle that could make up over 80% of the first week number, confirming that more than two decades into their career, the band’s fanbase remains devoted. Here’s what we have today.


Backstreet Boys (K-Bahn/RCA) 185-210k total activity, 180-205k album

So should Britney do this with her next release??

discuss. :mhmnod:

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Idk how it would work for her. Don’t her tickets for Vegas start out slow anyway? Like let’s say she did that with domination. Ppl weren’t rushing to buy tickets for that so that album wouldn’t have done well. It would have to be a standalone tour. They should have repackaged Glory and sold it with POM tour tickets last year tbh. 

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