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Could she be pregnant? Maybe that’s why Domination is postponed?

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My sister and I are speculating that it could be a possibility that she cancelled Domination because she’s pregnant.

originally I thought it was because of the sales, but then we heard about her father. Yet we haven’t heard anything about him and it appears he is fine, so what if they are hiding the fact for now that she’s pregnant? Let’s face the fact that she always wanted another baby. 

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I think that’s disgusting for you to say

we have no idea how he’s doing, maybe his health is getting worse and they don’t want to tell us. Regardless even if he was getting better, how could you even think that his DAUGHTER would cancel her residency and tell everyone her dad almost died and she wants to spend time with him where in reality she’s pregnant.  

People seem to forget that Britney’s a person with a real life, real family, real problems. Not everything is about her fans and her career and this drama and that drama 


Honestly not to be rude but that’s a little sick 


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That’s a stupid theory, they would have just said that. I mean how are they gonna explain her holding a baby 9 months later? The press and everyone would eat her alive and it’ll be a PR disaster and you know Team B hates that. It makes more sense that she wants to be there for her dad cuz she doesn’t want to inconvenienced if anything happens to him and she’s like in Vegas doing a show while the whole family is with him or get the call halfway into the show and learns something bad happen to him, she can’t just say “peace out guys, something happened to my dad.”  to a crowd of drunks who won’t be able to comprehend the situation at the moment. Plus we saw how weird she’s been acting lately so if Domination were to go on as planned, we all would be bitching how she’s half assing and looking distracted because she probably is, thinking of about her dad.

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3 hours ago, Inherzone said:

"grown woman under c-ship that cant do anything a grown woman would do" prob. like that

And how do you know she can't do anything a grown woman can do? Coz what I see is her doing almost what everyone does if not more. Take a seat.

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I think if she was pregnant she would be honest about it. It’s a valid reason to postpone and everybody on her team including her would know using her ill father as a cover up would blow up when the truth inevitably came out.

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be surprised if she falls pregnant during this time off. She has said many times that she wants more children and she’s approaching 40 years old. I can see why she’d utilise a year off to extend her family. 

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There are two things happening here: you stan for a person you think would lie about their dad almost dying to get out of a residency. And that she’d be so ashamed to have a baby at the mature age of 37 lol. Neither makes sense. She had been doing and enjoying being in Vegas since 2013. She wouldn’t need to lie to get out of it, especially when her performing schedule isn’t that intense anyway. 

ppl always want Britney to be open with us and when she tells us something firsthand, ppl still don’t believe her. It’s hilarious. 

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