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Baby one more time circus tour version

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32 minutes ago, fabr_argent said:


It bugs the **** out of me cuz I try to be understanding since they are taking their own time to do it but like I listen to the live recordings and you can hear it and it’s prominent but they chose to focus on the cheesy synths...like ALL the fanmades yet they recreated the other songs from the tour very well (except MATM but thank god Simon gave us the official) 

we were so close to getting all the studio versions but fricking team b had to stop him from releasing anymore. :wontcry:

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1 hour ago, DexWillBeThere98 said:

The synths from the Tour version that replicate the BOMT original ones are used too in the FFT, and are available on the net, so if someone would try to do them now, they could use them. No idea about the rest of the instrumentals.

do u have a link (via mp) ? can't find them

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