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What if Britney took the singer-songwriter route instead of pop?

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3 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:


She most likely would not made it because it was already so many of those style of artist.  Jive put her in the right direction.

something i kinda agree with you

3 hours ago, DignifiedLove said:

ummm but maybe she would have been more respected as an artist and lived a more tame, happier life without the manipulation of the media, handlers, press and paps. did that ever occur to you?

oh but that’s right, you’re against artists who showcase vulnerability and rawness in their music, for some odd reason. Like fave, like stan I guess.


She probably would have been more respected, but she wouldn't have been...the Britney we know (the iconic britney).

NOW, had they given Britney more freedom while maintaining the iconography part, then perhaps. There's so many what-ifs, who knows what could have gone

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I feel like had she taken the singer/songwriter path, she’d have more artistic credibility but probably wouldn’t have reached the peaks she has. But in turn, probably would have had a more normal-ish life. 


However, I feel that a lot of us stan Britney Spears the pop princess. The iconic performances, imagery, hits, the mysteries etc. so her following would not be the same without that. 

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I think she’s already been both a pop artist and singer-songwriter simultaneously. She’s The Princess of Pop and she’s written some songs in her discography both released and unreleased. Even her writing collaborators have said she’s had some great ideas and input. Even if she only wrote part of a song she’s still writing songs. It’s bc she does things like lip syncing and being a part of the “pop factory/machine” that people have a hard time crediting or knowing about her actual songwriting skills but she has them, in my opinion. One of the greatest and most intriguing things about Britney I think is that she both confuses and mesmerizes audiences with her ability to appear totally present and fierce while simultaneously keeping a piece of herself aloof and guarded or protected. It’s fascinating how she almost seems to walk the line between two opposing cultural views like the tightrope performer she portrayed during her Circus era. 

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I don't really think that's her thing. I don't think she would have been noticed compared to other singer/songwriters. And she was THE ultimate pop star and I can't see anyone having been able to take her place or make the impact that she did at that time.  It's weird to even think about it honestly because everything would have been so different.

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5 hours ago, DignifiedLove said:

oh.... you wanna argue argue again? girl i-

anyway..she was marketed as teen pop, naughty-but-nice, girl-next-door Lolita turned *** vixen since the beginning, as you know. During a rs interview in 2000 with Rob Scheffeld, she literally admitted that she wanted to release a Sheryl Crow-esque type of record and found her Baby/Oops albums to be very controlling by her record label so you cannot tell me otherwise. Then again, the music industry, then, was very ***-driven and she ultimately fed into the hype surrounding her success/popularity that there wasn’t really any way she could have turned the tables around.

Yes, she was never a songwriter type, per se, like Fiona Apple who was classically trained in piano as a child and came from an upscale musical family, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t master that skill.

Songs like Everytime, To Love Let Go, Someday, Little Me prove my point that Britney had potential and tried to be a recognized songwriter, but unfortunately, a lot of her material was swept under the rug and she ultimately fell deeper into the pop machine where *** and dance-pop continued to be the priority.

anyway, it’s not a big deal. what’s done is done and by the end of the day, Britney made her mark in the industry and became pop royalty.

When fans mention Britneys songwriting skills, we only refer to songs that we know Britney recorded because of her style and true songwriting credits, without the help of professional songwriters. Even though Britney has a lot of co-writing credits, we dismiss them as being Britneys. Britney is one of the few pop stars from the early 2000's who performed unreleased, unfinished, work-in-progress songs while on tour. That is the action of a true writer/artist.

Not to say artists who co-write with well known songwriters aren't true songwriters, but co-writing a song with a random backup singer/friend in a hotel room, while on tour, makes that artist a hell of a lot more credible than someone who hires a professional to write a song for them so they can edit it for a co-writing  credit.

Its sorta ironic that being a Britney fan showed me the clear distinction between a true songwriter v/s a pop artist who got a co-writing credit.

As horrible as 'Britney Jean' is, its actually on the same level as Britneys peers form the early 2000s who released co-written 'personal albums'  filled with songs that were clearly bought  from professional writers. Thats really the main reason I don't like Britney Jean. Its not the Myah-mixed vocals, its the inauthentic writing credits. Britney Jean could've been P!nks 'Mizzunderstood', Avrils "Let Go", or Floptina "Stripped" and I still would have hated it.

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14 hours ago, DignifiedLove said:

She tried in 04-07, but was far too wrapped up in the pop machine. It just didn’t work for her even though she had a lot of potential.

Okay.. what about after that? She has had ample time to try anything in her career, including writing more songs on her own. So she tried a few years in her 20s... that's nothing. If she really cared she would still be writing her own songs to this day. Britney stopped trying to be an artist a long time ago. A true artist doesn't stop caring, ever. I understand Britney has had certain circumstances happen to her that no one else has experienced. Yet, that hasn't stopped other people who have fallen on hard times from creating great bodies of work from their suffering. If she was an artist of that caliber, she would have recognized the potential material from those hard times in her life. Other writers have done that exact thing. I understood long ago she wasn't ever going to be an artist like that, so I don't have those expectations, which is why I always wonder why people ask questions like this. You know she is not and will never be an artist like that.

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When it comes down to it. Making smart business decisions is more important than making creative career choices. 

Britney and her team are going to do what works best for them. 

But it’s starting to not work anymore. So maybe it is time to switch things up. 

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