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Britney's 'Domination' Won't Reportedly Return Until 2020

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I think it’s good for her because she can rest now because she was on stage for almost 5 years. I think she will be more excited for her new show.  But I hope she releases her new album this year

A new album at the end of the year and Domination early 2020.  I hope she enjoys this time off and gets to spend a lot of it with her dad and family. This will be really good for her!

Will we get another announcement that she has an announcement to make to make up for the lies that was the supposedly officially silent announcement which was after the announcement about that announc

5 hours ago, Frenchiie said:

Perfect time to make a baby with Sam :airpls:









Jk, so that means she'll release a new album before the show so all the focus will be on the album :pumped:

She'll announce Pom:Reloaded sell a few tickets THEN get pregnant and cancel again. Kween of trolling!!

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3 hours ago, Brad Adamson said:

Well, on the bright side hopefully this will make things a bit more exciting when she does come back. I miss all of the pre-era buzz that we used to have.

I just hope this isn’t too late and she comes back recharged and passionate again, because her career is in a weird place and I don’t think it could survive many more blows. 

Her career is not in a weird place 

Her name is made and cemented 

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2 hours ago, Ofcoursenot said:

Sometimes I feel that they try to do this... and her as well! :(


BRITNEY SPEARS still a big name, but imagine with a team like Ariana, her legacy and career would have been ENORMOUS like no other!:kyliecry:

Are you a new fan?

Britney been there and done it and did bigger and greater

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2 hours ago, stateofgracebritney said:


if there’s no new album until summer 2019, not even a single for June or July, i’m seriously going to stab myself

I mean if you expected music by the summer, then you did that to yourself girl.

Britney will hopefully get a fresh perspective and a new drive from a break and put all that into a new album (fingers crossed)

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11 hours ago, ubritney said:

A new album at the end of the year and Domination early 2020. :disappointed: I hope she enjoys this time off and gets to spend a lot of it with her dad and family. This will be really good for her!


10 hours ago, BritneyIcon said:

Sounds about right. I could see an album release in Q4 + residency announcement with the show starting a few months after that. I think there will be more excitement for everyone involved, including fans, due to the longer length of time since the last show + an album release. I'd be shocked if they didn't line up the show with the new album. As sad as the situation is, it really is for the best in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully Jamie gets well and 2019 goes by fast. :)

yeh I agree. I think we'll get B10 November/December time which will then be linked to new residency starting Feb/March 2020. Shame we've got another like 10months of waiting for new music :wontcry:

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I think this is for the best! This extra year gives her a proper runway to develop the show, promote properly, and finish the album in a non pressure cooker environment. Any artist that had the same show / location running for 5 years would experience a lack of ticket demand, so this should help restore the natural demand for Britney!! Kinda nice they started prepping the show, because it will give her time to organically add her own Britney elements to the show theme (if it stays the same... which I assume it will due to $$ costs). Happy she gets to relax and be there with her family!! Girl deserves some TLC for sure. 

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Honestly I'm okay with that. She's been performing non stop for the past few years and deserves a break. She gets to spend time with her family at this very important time for them and hopefully Jamie will get better soon. And of course, she can spend this time working on B10 which will hopefully be released by the end of the year or early 2020, then when she's ready to perform again she'll be able to perform some songs from the new album! :) 

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This is ultimately a good thing. She can use the break to hopefully re-motivate herself, have her family time and give us a chance to miss her a bit. That said, I hope she releases a couple of singles over the course of 2019 just to keep her name out there a bit. Maybe a couple DJ collabs or something. I know she won't, but she should. She's already fading pretty steadily in terms of relevance, a lengthy break of doing nothing won't exactly improve that situation. Yeah as fans and stans we will miss her more, but to the average consumer its just more time to forget about her.

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I saw this too.  honestly I'm happy shes disappearing a bit and taking a break.  She deserves it.  She will be back refreshed and ready to slay. Glory 2.0 era this time what the original glory era suppose to be

Finally she doesnt have to rush anything. She needs more me [britbrit) time.  We very well might have a great era, when it does start. I'm so proud of her :tiffanycries:

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24 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

He's right though. Britney makes 30+ million $ every year. She made 57 million $ in 2017. Her career's solid.

It depends what your criteria is. If money is your only criteria, she's doing fine.

If we're talking about her relevance as a current artist, being able to demand the best songs from top producers and getting played on the radio and charting and having enough interest to release four singles and music videos from an album like a proper complete era...she's not in a good place at all. She can't really tour with new albums/music, she has to use nostalgia, and even then, the interest is waning more and more as time passes. 

When you take Vegas out of the equation for 2019, even her earnings will be far less impressive.

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