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IS this insider legit ? @britneyslayer , he claims DOMINATION is not canceled

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Just saw that a Spanish fan page heybriT.

posted that this twitter account is a LEGIT INSIDER,   AND that he has posted legit information about glory and many other things  before.

AND. Now  this twitter account @britneyslayer  claims that DOMINATION IS NOT CANCELLED. JUST POSTPONED 

here is the tweet....



tbh Ive never heard anything about this insider.


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Its postponed, getting a facelift, back to the drawing board, being reimagined, possibly renamed... they rushed this idea.  Honestly, I was getting vibes that the whole show would be like the "Freakshow" performance and this is not what Britney needs or wants in 2018... she may have wanted that in 2017 but she seems to have had a reality check now that her dad got sick and she doesn't feel like being over-the-top ****** right now.

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She’ll honestly be faking her own death so she doesn’t need to come back :cackling:

Legit she does NOT want Domination to come back. I feel like if it was postponed they wouldn’t have completely removed the picture of it on her social media. I definately don’t think it’s coming back. I mean come on ONE picture for the whole tour which may have been an outtake from another shoot knowing team Britney

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It's not that hard people: 2019 shows are CANCELED.  The residency is POSTPONED. Just check MGM's social media accounts. And it's pretty obvious that only a few shows were announced and that there were more dates to be announced, even for next year and maybe 2021. :bedtime::mj:

The thing is I don't believe she'll do the same show when she comes back (In fact, I don't believe they had the whole show ready to start in February). So a lot of things will change whenever they announce the new dates for next year.


So the "insider" didn't have new info :mcorangu:

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I’m sure that next year, or maybe even by the end of this year, that she’ll be back with a new and reworked show. They’ll take who they had with DOM and build on top of it. It doesn’t seem like they were really ready for the Feb 13th debut. So it seems like a good thing that it’s been postponed. They better learn from past mistakes and really make it a fantastic show. 

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My predictions:

Lead single in September 2019 

New album in October 2019

New show debuts in November/December 2019

The show will be called "Stronger Than Ever" 

Britney will describe the show on Ellen or through a statement as "A celebration of old and new. I'll be performing songs from my new album for the first time and also I'll be performing the older songs my fans want to hear. It's the most ambitious and exciting show I've ever worked on. I can't wait to share it with the fans."

Larry will describe the show as "Bigger and better than anything Britney's ever done before. Her dancing is incredible and her vocals are flawless. After a few difficult months, Britney truly is back and she's stronger than ever." 

MGM will describe the show as "A game changer for Vegas and whole entertainment industry." 

Flappy Tubs will describe the show as "A melting pot of stunning visuals, intense choreography and beautiful staging." 








Exhale will describe the show as "Piece Of Me recycled for the hundredth time complete with tacky outfits, cheap staging, props hauled out of storage from the Femme Fatale, Circus and Onyx Hotel tours, dodgy hair extensions from 2011, choreography your own grandmother could nail and vocals first mixed and recorded last millennium." I'm excited... :jj:  

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