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Skip the song - album competition

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How many songs do you usually skip from each Britney album? Rank her discography from the album containing songs that you never skip, down to the most skipped one.

I’ll start:

1) Femme Fatale (literally no fillers here for me) :bedtime:

2) Britney Jean (despite Myah’s drama, usually I skip just Chillin With You)

3) Blackout

4) In The Zone


6) Glory (great album, but some quite bad songs that I always skip)

6) Britney


8) BOMT (I literally skip everything except bomt) :flop:


Submit yours


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10 hours ago, ComingRiver said:

Justice for BOMT!

E-Mail My Heart, Thinkin' About You, I Will Still Love You, The Beat Goes On are bops! Why ya skipping?

They really sound too cheesy today. It is not the kind of songs I would listen to in everyday life.

the Beat Goes On slays though:makesomenoise:


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1. Blackout (always skip POM)

2. Glory (depends...don’t often listen to WYN, Liar, or kinda LMD)

3. ITZ / Circus (depends on the mood)

4. Britney (4 definite skips)

5. Femme Fatale (mostly only listen to half the album)

6. Baby / Oops (listen to singles only...but rarely Lucky)

7. Britney Jean (woof)

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When I play the "full" album I usually skip:


1. Blackout (1,5 skip: only skip WSIBS sometimes) (Bonustracks: I skip Outta this World)

2. Oops I Did It Again (2,5 skips: I skip Girl in the Mirror and Dear Diary) (Bonustracks: I sometimes skip Heart)

3. Britney (2,5 skips: I skip INAGNYAW and Boys Album version and sometimes WIFY) (Bonustracks: no skip)

4. Femme Fatale (3 skips: I skip How I Roll, Big Fatt Bass and HATLM)

5. Glory (3 skips: I skip Private Show, Just Like Me, If I'm Dancing)

6. Baby One More Time (3,5 skips: I skip Soda Pop, I Will Still Love You, I'm so Curious and sometimes Beat goes on)
(allthough sometimes for nostalgia feels I don't even skip any song on BOMT lol I used to play this cd a lot)

6. Circus (3,5 skips: I skip Blur, My Baby, Radar, and Rock Me In) ps Rock Boy is amazing lol
(I count Radar as half a skip cause I do like it but i prefer it on Blackout (flow of the album)

6. In The Zone (3,5 skips: I skip Showdown, Brave New Girl, MATM remix and The Answer)
(I count MATM remix as half a skip)

9. Britney Jean (3-5 skips: I skip Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache, Chillin With U and sometimes I skip ISBE and TIG)


This is pretty much my album ranking as well allthough I sometimes rank FF lower cause I think it lacks soul. But the production and songs are good. 

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I do count officially released bonus tracks as part of physically available deluxe edition in my country (minus remixes)

Britney (0 out of 15, ratio 0,00%)
Circus ("Rock Me In", 1 out of 16, ratio 6,25%)
Femme Fatale ("Seal It With a Kiss", 1 out of 16, ratio 6,25%)
...Baby One More Time ("The Beat Goes On", 1 out of 14, ratio 7,14%
Blackout ("Hot As Ice", 1 out of 12, ratio 8,33%)
Glory ("Clumsy", "Liar", 2 out of 18, ratio 11,11%)
Oops!...I Did It Again ("One Kiss From You", "You Got It All", 2 out of 15, ratio 13,33%)
In The Zone ("Brave New Girl", "Don't Hang Up") 2 out of 14, ratio 14,29%)
Britney Jean ("Work *****", "Body Ache", "Chillin' With You", "Now That I Found You", 4 out of 13, ratio 30,77%)

I don't hate "Work *****" but I really have to be in the mood to listen to it. I see it more as a stand-alone song. Seeing Britney live in London three times last year made me like the song more, though. 

"Liar" is amazing - as a song - but when listening to "Glory", I have to skip it because of its vocal production.. it kinda "ruins" the flow of a perfect album. I do love to listen to "Liar" on random Britney playlist or "just when I put the song on play", though. 

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