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Britney should go on the "masked singer".

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It's a new singing competition where a singer or celebrity comes out in costume and sing and the audience/ judges have to guess who it is.

I believe britney can sing well but she is too scared to do it without being behind a snapchat filter so I think this would be a perfect idea to show case her ability and still be behind a curtain 

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I like the idea but she has a lot to work on vocally. She could ideally use Domination as a building block to regain some confidence and identity over her voice - although I doubt that we'll see that. That voice she's using in Instagram isn't anywhere close to being "her" - it's like she's trying to sound like several different people at once and it just doesn't work for her.

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i mean she did perform "something to talk about" with live vocals, so she can't be that shy tbh.

she sprinkles performances in like that when she feels like it, but honestly, i just think britney doesn't want to do it, plain and simple :bedtime:

i do hope she incorporates a live ballad into the show and pre-recorded vocals would be everything, i think that's the best we can hope for

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