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Why you all hate Passenger?

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7 minutes ago, Frenchiie said:



I alway forget how good the acoustic version is

7 minutes ago, BritneyBitchY'all said:

I like the song itself, but I don't listen to it as much as I want to because of the Myah situation :nochillbrit:

the myah thing really never stopped me from listening like it stops the rest of the fan base, the only song on BJ that the vocals really bother me is Body Ache


6 minutes ago, I am Max. said:

I rather listening Katy Perry's version, at least I know it's her for sure. The song is sweet, and the lyrics are really good for me. 

this is pretty accurate but I just hate Katy Perry so I can't lmao

6 minutes ago, ss0725 said:

It’s just such a throwaway song IMO. That whole album felt disjointed - maybe if it was more cohesive as a whole id like this song more?? Also I agree with the others who said that it’s hard to enjoy because it clearly isn’t Britney.

the album doesn't feel disjointed, the album is pretty cohesive with the whole edm-wil.i.am-club-**** lmao, but passenger is really disjointed from the rest of it, its one of the only songs that its not trying so hard to be a club banger.

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1 hour ago, emmagphoto said:

I think is a beautiful song, I really don't mind the vocals being Britney's or not.

Is a good song and who does the vocals shouldn't really matter if you are not a britard and actually enjoy the lyrics. :bedtime:

omg I need to stan, I think passenger's lyrics are so beautiful


58 minutes ago, LivingLegendaryBritney said:

The only good part about the song is the vocals myah held during the "enjoy the ride" part but we all know what happened there so no thanks

I like the song as a whole, I love the atmosphere of the song, the rock pop influences, there is a lot but at the same time almost nothing happening in the song, I think is so perfect


43 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

because it's cringy as ****.. :bedtime:

but we are talking about passenger not big fat bass sweetie

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18 minutes ago, CasanovaCat said:

Just got the answer 

even tough Britney only sings the verses, the lyrics are so beautiful and is one of the only tracks that doesn't sound cheap

18 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

It’s terrible. And not just because it sounds like a gospel B-side track.That one “long note” is so painfully obviously not Britney. 

the long note really sounds awful 

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